Reviewing the Outsourced Support from Server Sitters

Running a website company or working as a reseller can be stressful. You must provide technical support for your customers and they deserve the best. Customer service and support is the place many companies can set themselves apart from the competition. Outsourcing support for your hosting company can make all the difference and with the experts at Server Sitters, you will provide the right support for your customers.

The technicians at Server Sitters, take on the task of supporting your customers, which provides you with more time to concentrate on building your business. When you can focus on the marketing and the sales, with a trusted support staff taking care of the rest. This is the first step in becoming a true hosting company and you will need some help to take this step. Here’s what Server Sitters can provide for you.

Outsourced Hosting Support Customized to Your Needs

Outsourced Web Hosting Support

Server Sitters allows you to pre-purchase tickets, phone and chant support for your customers. This gives you access to a discounted rate and your account with automatically renew every month with the package you build for your hosting company. If you do happen to go over, you will be billed at the standard rates. They use this type of billing for all three types of support and you can always upgrade your package as you grow your company.

Prices for Support

Helpdesk support for your business is bought on a ticket basis. You can buy a block of tickets for each month and they run $4 per ticket when pre-purchases and $4.25 for any overages. Companies needing more than 500 tickets can call Server Sitters for a custom quote.

Online chat support is a very popular option and can help you provide 24/7 support every day of the year. Server Sitters provides you with the right software and can even customize it to fit your needs. Chat prices are based on a “per chat” basis with the pre-purchased rate of $4 per chat and an overage rate of $4.25 per chat. Again, if you need more than 500 chats per month, you can call for a custom quote.

Probably the most important option you can provide is phone support. This adds the human element to your company and many customers prefer to make a phone call over helpdesk or online chat support. Prices for phone support are billed on a per minute basis. The pre-purchased rate is $0.60 per minute and any overage minutes are billed at $0.65 per minute. If you need more than 2,000 minutes per month, call Server Sitters for a custom quote.

You Need Support, Too

Telephone conversation

As important as it is to provide great support to your customers, you require support, too. With the help of Server Sitters, you won’t need to monitor your servers constantly or provide staff to do so. They can do it all for you, which can provide more time to help you grow to the next level.

Server Monitoring from Server Sitters

With the server monitoring packages, your server will always have someone keeping a close eye on them. The staff at Server Sitters will help to ensure downtime is kept to a minimum and this type of support is very cost-effective. If you already have a Tier 1 contract with Server Sitters, you only pay $25 per month for each server you need monitored. If not, here’s how the prices breakdown:

5 – 10 Servers $50 per month per server
11 – 20 Servers $45 per month per server
21+ Servers $40 per month per server

Maybe you require other types of work other than just customer support and server monitoring. Any other work you need falls into the category of Tier 2 Support. Server Sitters provide this type of support, as well. They can take on custom jobs, help with major corrections, assist with website migration and even with upgraded. The flat rate for Tier 2 work is $75 per hour of work.

Outsourcing All Your Support

Outsourcing is how many companies go from small to medium and even grow to a large corporation. Support is one of the easiest and most cost-effect parts of your business to outsource. You have a company to run and build, which takes time. If you feel stressed and feel as if you never have time to properly market your company, outsourcing hosting support to Server Sitters can free up the time you so desperately need.

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