A Full Review of ITX Design Hosting

Started in 2001, ITX Design features many hosting packages from shared to dedicated server and everything in between. They use very reliable servers with plenty of speed. Since ITX Design is a mid-sized company, they still focus on customer service and support. Their team brings plenty of experience to the table and they stress the importance of friendly and helpful support for each customer.

With a dedicated server, you gain access to a dedicated account manager 24/7. For those moving from shared or VPS hosting to a dedicated server, this option is priceless. Knowing you have access to someone no matter what time of the day, puts your mind at ease. ITX Design also provides 24/7 technical support for all account types through email, live chat, over the phone or through their online help desk.

Shared Hosting Offered by ITX Design

ITX Design offers thee shared hosting accounts ranging from $4.95/month to $11.95/month. Each account includes unlimited disk space, bandwidth and email accounts. All three account levels use Cpanel, provide email forwarding, autoresponders, access to the OSCommerce shopping cart and a number of other important options.

The entry-level account, called Express, offers hosting for one website with three subdomains and up to five parked domain names. Customers gain access to up to five mailing lists and five MySQL databases with this package. The Express package works great for a personal website or customers just getting started with a business website.

For those needing a little more power from their hosting, the Power package provides hosting for five websites, seven subdomains and up to ten parked domain names. Power account holders can set up seven different mailing lists and gain the power of seven MySQL databases. This package works great for new internet marketers or any business needing hosting for multiple domain names.

If you need the advantages of fully unlimited hosting, the Professional package is the right choice. For $11.95/month, your account will host unlimited domains, subdomains and parked domains names. You can create as many email lists as necessary, along with as many MySQL databases as necessary. This package fits best for the serious internet marketer or someone in need of hosting for a large number of websites.

VPS Hosting From ITX Design

Sometimes shared hosting simply won’t cut it. Maybe you need a higher level of security or access to a larger amount of resources. With VPS hosting from ITX Design, you can choose from three different accounts providing plenty of space, bandwidth and RAM. Packages range from $49.95/month to $99.95/month giving you access to more than any shared hosting account.

All three VPS plans provide full featured cloud hosting with full root access, Cpanel/WHM, 24/7 technical support and unlimited domain names. The VPS Lite package gives users 50GB disk space, 500GB bandwidth transfer and 1GB RAM for $49.95/month. Upgrading to the VPS Basic package provides 100GB disk space, 1500GB bandwidth and 2GB RAM for $79.95/month. The largest VPS package is the VPS Premium package, which provides 250GB disk space, 2000GB bandwidth and 3GB RAM for $99.95/month.

ITX Design Dedicated Server Hosting

Ranging in price from $179/month to $575/month, businesses in need of a dedicated server can choose from four different options. All dedicated server accounts come with 24/7 technical support and a dedicated account manager available 24/7. If you’re looking for the best security and the fastest hosting offered by ITX Design, a dedicated server is the right option for your needs.

The Webmaster and Professional dedicated sever packages feature a CORE CPU. For $179/month, users gain access to two 500GB hard drives, 8GB of memory, 5,000GB of bandwidth and three different IP addresses. Upgrading to the Professional package for $239/month gives users two 500GB hard drives, 16GB of memory, 10,000GB bandwidth and five different IP addresses. The Professional package also includes 4 Cores.

Both the Enterprise and the Monster packages feature Dual Xeon CPUs. The Enterprise dedicated server packages provides 8 cores with two 500GB hard drives, 16GB of memory, 12,000GB of bandwidth and ten IP addresses for $375/month. Upgrading to the Master dedicated server gives users 12 cores, three 300GB SAS RAID hard drives, 16GB of memory, 15,000GB of bandwidth and 20 different IP addresses.

All dedicated server packages include Cpanel, server monitoring, support unlimited domains and provide SSH, PHP5 and MySQL.

Reseller Hosting from ITX Design

Ranging from $24.95/month to $70.95/month, the reseller hosting offered by ITX Design provides one of the most customizable packages available. These hosting accounts are used to resell hosting to others and you’ll be able to take orders from day one. ITX Design provides you with everything you need and includes all the necessary features, such as unlimited domains, private DNS, Cpanel/WHM, managed service and more.

The Copper plan provides 25GB of disk space and 500GB of bandwidth to get you started at $24.95/month. Upgrading to the Silver package will give you twice the disk space and bandwidth for only $10 more per month. The Gold package provides 200GB of disk space and 1500GB of bandwidth for $55.95 and the Diamond package gives users 300GB of disk space with 2000GB of bandwidth for $70.95 per month.

With any hosting package from ITX Design, you gain full access to their award winning support team and all the features you can imagine. ITX Design also features web design services including mobile websites for those with design needs.

Overall, the company has received high marks from the customer reviews posted online. They provide great support with plenty of packages for any size business or personal website. Whether you need exceptional security or you just need an account for a family website, ITX Design is a top choice for your hosting needs.

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