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Free Web Hosting – You Get What You Pay For

As a website owner you have on big decision right at the start of your upcoming online ventures.  This is to choose where to host your site.  The number of web hosting companies that offer reasonably priced services is astounding, but not only that,  you will find a number who offer their customers free hosting.

The price is the obvious difference here.  With free web hosting it is exactly as it sounds, it is free web hosting.  You need not pay anything to upload files to the company’s  servers.  As time goes on you are not required to pay anything for the continual hosting of the site.  While paid web hosting, as the title may suggest, costs a small fee for a website to be hosted.

Buying Real Top Web Hosting – Improves Your Bandwidth, Load Time, Rankings, Traffic — Everything That Matters

When it comes to top web hosting, the most important factor to consider is the bandwidth offered.  With a high bandwidth your site will load faster and users will be able to view movies, pictures or listen to music, at a much faster rate, as opposed to a site with low bandwidth, which will just feel sluggish.

You need to think about how much space your site will need now, and how much it may possibly need in the future, you do not want to be restrained by less than adequate hosting space.  With free web hosting you will likely be very limited when it comes to how large your site can be and how much you can host on it.

Control Over Your Site Or Sites (Top Web Hosting)

Another thing you need to consider is the features of the web hosting that will be provided.  You do not want to be restricted by the company in what you can do, and how much control you have, with your site.  You will likely be unable to use your own domain name with a free web hosting service.  Instead you will be using sub domain names of their own site.

Without the ability to purchase your own domain name, you will not be able to brand your website and your product or services. Also any traffic you are able to generate will be directed to the website of your provider and not specifically to yours.

The ultimate control can be exercised by the hosting provider who is under no obligation to continue hosting your website on the free disc space he is providing to you. As a result of a business decision, the host may decide to delete your site with no prior notice to you, and you will have no recourse whatever in the matter.

With free web hosting, the hosting provider may attempt to recoup his costs by placing different forms of advertising on your website. This makes your site look very unprofessional, but there will be nothing you will be able to do about it.

Given the fierce amount of competition in the hosting market place today, it is very easy to get top web hosting at very affordable pricing. Even the most reputable and reliable hosting companies are able to offer extremely low priced hosting, and provide a host of features and resources that you would not be able to get with free hosting.

With paid hosting, costing as low as $4 per month, you will be able to get adequate disc space and bandwidth, the award winning and state of the art cPanel, unlimited email addresses and in some cases,   the web hosting company will give a free domain just for signing up for its hosting service.

Free web hosting may be adequate for websites that are being used as hobby sites or are set up for friends or family to share. However, free hosting is not a choice that should be made for a site being used to generate an income. What is required is a greater amount of flexibility and control, and that can only be had with a paid hosting plan.

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