How to Making Money With Web Hosting Online

Making money by using web hosting is a great income opportunity for several reasons. To begin with, the business model is very simple and only requires that you purchase a web hosting package that has an ample amount of disk space and bandwidth, and then you partition the space and bandwidth and resell them to your clients for a profit.

You will need to stipulate the unacceptable website topics that you will not allow hosting for, and your clients will pay you a monthly recurring fee for the hosting you provide.

  • Huge demand for hosting -The development of the Internet and the huge demand for hosting by people who create websites to generate additional income, to create a full blown business, to create a site for their hobby needs, or one for their friends and family to connect on, makes this a big income opportunity.  Whatever the reason for their websites, they will all need to host it with a hosting provider. This strong demand for hosting provides a great opportunity for anyone looking to make money through web hosting.
  • Recurring Income –  The recurring income this opportunity provides allows  the business to continue indefinitely, and it becomes income property that can be sold as a complete business later on, with clients already on board, if you so desire or when you want to move on to another venture or for whatever reason.
  • Business Start on Part Time Basis – When starting this business you do not need to own your own servers since you will be purchasing a reseller hosting plan from an established hosting company and then reselling to others. Also it can be started on a part-time basis, and you may even host your own sites and blogs and monetize them for a profit.


  • Marketing Your Hosting Business – With some creativity and persistent effort you can obtain your clients by marketing your business in the local newspapers, through forum posting, by blogging, through newsletters, using social media, and placing a listing in the local directory.
  • Automate The Business – The business operates in a fully automated manner, from the selection of the types of plans (the desired amount of space and bandwidth), the recurring billing system, the operation 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, and the technical support provided by the original host every day of the year.

A reseller hosting business can be simply started by just investing as little as thirty dollars on a hosting plan which will provide you with enough space to resell to many webmasters, and to make a handsome profit. Making money through web hosting is a model business that fully utilizes the technology of the 21st century to the hilt, can be run with the most minimal staff and will continue for many years into the future.


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