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Reseller Hosting Reviews

Reseller hosting reviews are a good idea for internet entrepreneurs. You may wonder what exactly reseller hosting is.


More About Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting is when you purchase space on a server, do the marketing of the extra server space yourself and make some extra money doing this. You can and should create your own brand under your name and sell the hosting services to various individuals and companies.  But in order to be successful, adding value to your hosting packages is critical.

Look For Real Reviews & Solid Information (Reseller Hosting Reviews)

The thing to remember when looking at reseller hosting reviews is that you need to have a provider you can trust. Find out what the advantages and disadvantages are of each reseller site and go with the one with the best reviews, if you can find trusted review sites — look for a site with a good web design and lots of information to help you, if it’s just a couple of reviews, then those reviews could be faked.

It will literally pay to do a little bit of extra research since getting involved with a hosting service which does not give a great hosting experience will be bad for you, business-wise.

Developers, Designers, Marketers, SEOs

Specifically, reseller hosting is another kind of hosting experience in which the owner of the account divides their space on the hard drive and resells the website hosting space. A lot of online marketers who have a lot of domains, or perhaps SEOs and graphic designers would be smart to get into this business.

Many times, resellers are consultants who are designers and developers. At times, resellers also consist of a company that is system-integrated. You will know that the web hosting owner is a company if there are a lot of other available services offered aside from just web hosting.

Website flippers purchase reseller hosting accounts to be able to ‘house’ the sites after they have created them, and then after they are sold, they would offer the lease of the hosting space to the new buyer of the sites. The reseller may pay just $25 a month for his reseller plan, and charge $10 a month to his hosting client who leases his reseller spaces. In this way, with just 3 clients paying the hosting fees monthly, the reseller’s monthly costs are covered.  Anything he receives from other clients will be sheer profit.

It is a win-win situation for both the buyer and the reseller. The seller is able to make additional income from the sale of these spaces, and to the buyer it is often an attractive offer because it saves him the trouble of transferring the site to another provider. The cost the buyer pays is usually no more that he would pay a host he sought out for himself.

The reseller retains fill control of the partitioned spaces he created through his control panel, and will be able to suspend accounts or close accounts that are not abiding by the rules. The buyers of the reseller accounts will also have they own control panels to manipulate their hosting functions for their own sites.

Often webmasters will buy reseller plans from a host for their own website building purposes. They create a number of websites and place them on different partitioned spaces. Each space has its own IP address and when the webmaster interlinks the different sites, he will receive a great deal of link juice for them and that will improve his search engine rankings. So in this way the webmaster is taking advantage of the SEO benefits of having many sites with different IP addresses.

Providers of web hosting services sometimes offer a fifty percent discount to resellers on the price tag of the host reseller account.  Keep in mind that when purchasing from a reseller, the maintenance of the web services are not under their jurisdiction.

This means that if the server is ‘down’ or there is limited or no access to your website, the reseller will not be able to answer any of your questions, and the person to contact would be the dedicated server owner — your web host partner.

Keep in mind, however, that if you did your homework and found a reseller host that is totally reliable, server issues won’t be much of a problem.

Web hosting resellers are able to set up a company for web hosting on the net and resell these as web hosting plans under their own brand name.

Internet entrepreneurs who love doing online businesses would do very well in this type of business. This is especially true if you are well-versed in marketing and have skills you can actually use to market your web hosting services under your own brand name.

Get familiar with the different resellers by reading web hosting reviews (from trusted sources) you find online and in internet specialty magazines, and perhaps good forums as well.  Avoid reseller hosting reviews that offer you no value.

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