Becoming One of the Web Hosting Resellers

What are Web Hosting Resellers?

Those that buy a reseller account from a hosting company, use a portion for themselves, then sell the rest of in smaller packages are web hosting resellers. These types of people are running their own hosting company without the overhead it really takes to run a hosting company. This is a very big benefit and can help you make money online.

If you are interested in becoming one of the web hosting resellers, then you need to think about getting one of the best hosting companies to provide you with your reseller hosting. If the company supporting you is not all that good, then you are going to struggle to keep clients. This is not a good thing and by starting with a good hosting company, you can build your business very fast and easy.

The best web hosting resellers don’t just sell hosting. They are very creative and they sell other things that include a month or two of free hosting, then the client will have to buy a package after that. This gives the new client time to really figure out if your hosting is good enough for them and will do the trick.

Creative Ways for Web Hosting Resellers to Make Money

If you couple your reseller plan with a web design business, then you can take on new clients, design their website, and include free hosting within their package. Of course, you will charge for the hosting in the overall price, but you can call it a free bonus for using your service. In addition, after the free hosting period is up, they will need to buy hosting, which you can provide for them.

Using a reseller account with a web design business is one of the best ways to make money from both the skills you have with designing websites and the hosting you can offer. It can also help you to get repeat business on both sides of things, as your clients need more space for their next website or project.

Another way to make money as one of the < ahref="">web hosting resellers is to design websites that you own, build them up until they make money, and sell them as an already profitable website with a month of free hosting. When you do this, you can turn a profit on the website while you own it, and then sell it for a nice profit as well.

You can sell the websites on and offer a year of free hosting is the buyer uses the “buy now” feature. This price will be set much higher because they are getting free hosting along with any other benefits you want to throw in. Not only will you be able to get more from the sale, but also when that year is up, they will, most likely buy more hosting from you.

Now you have two great ways to become one of the web hosting resellers and make money. If you can be creative and think outside the box, you won’t have to try to compete with all the large hosting companies to make money online with a reseller package. Instead, you can make your own money and do it in a better and more creative way.

Finding the Right Web Hosting Resellers Package

We have listed the top reseller packages from the best hosting companies for reseller hosting for you already. Just compare a few of these companies and choose the one you feel is best for you. Some start very low in price and others are a bit more expensive. Consider the way you plan to make money and choose the web hosting resellers package that is best for you.

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