Web Hosting Technologies You Might Not Know

A web host provides individuals and companies with the facility that can ensure their websites are accessible via the internet. Basically, web hosts provide space that they possess on a server to customers. In addition, they sometimes offer internet connection to their customers as well.

There are a number of technologies that are necessary for the effectiveness of web hosting. Here is the list of those technologies to enable you to know what they are all about.

Windows web hosting

This technology refers to hosting of services that particularly use the Windows OS. In case you want to utilize a database such as Microsoft Access or Active Server programs as scripting service, Windows web hosting can be a suitable choice for you.


Here, web pages are done as CGI services. Such scripts are the ones that produce web pages. Most web service providers boast some sort of CGI capabilities. UNIX and Linux servers are some of the services that utilize the CGI.

UNIX web hosting

This was the earliest web server OS. UNIX is recognized thanks to its stability and reliability.

UNIX web hosting entails services that use the Unix OS. This server service is less costly in comparison to the Windows web hosting.

Linux web hosting

Linux web hosting entails services that use the Linux OS.


Active Server Pages or simply ASP is a type of server-side page tech produced by Microsoft. Dynamic website is made possible with the application of ASP. This involves just entering script numbers into the HTML scripts. Such codes are initially processed through the server, allowing the page to be submitted to the browser again.

JavaScript and visual black can be suitably used for this purpose. They are elements of Windows and XP. ASP can be executed on all computers that operate on the Windows software program. Different web hosting service providers avail ASP thanks to its rising reputation in the market.


This is a kind of server-side page tech that has a lot of similarities to the ASP but is created by Sun. JSP also enables individuals to build dynamic websites by integrating JavaScript codes on the HTML scripts. Because of the fact that JSP makes use of Java, service is not limited to only a certain server arena.


This is another scripting program that enables you to build dynamic sites. You are only required to input your script codes on the HTML scripts.

Cold Fusion

Cold Fusion is web hosting tech that was developed by the Macromedia. It refers to a sever-side page program that can be used to generate effective and interactive scripts.

Secure Server Hosting

Secure Server is necessary for the transmission of encrypted information. In case you are planning to submit personal data that requires some sort of protection, then it is important for the web hosting service provider to offer exactly that by the use of a suitable secure server.


This is a widely recognized web design tool that was produced by Microsoft. It lets users to build web pages without having to undergo training of any sort regarding web design. In case you want to utilize frontage, make sure that you search for the right Windows web host option for you. This will normally entail avoiding both Linux and UNIX.

In general, these are the top web hosting technologies that you need to know. This information should help you to know as much information as possible regarding web design. This is particularly important if you are planning to create a website either for personal purposes or business use.

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