WHM cPanel Reseller Hosting

Why WHM cPanel Reseller Hosting is Important

When you decide you want to become a reseller, you need to get WHM cPanel reseller hosting. This is simply because it gives you the ability to host and manage all the accounts from one central location. If you don’t have this option, you are going to struggle with your reseller hosting and that is certainly not a good thing.

Do you have an IT company that is aspiring to offer hosting services? You can start your business with a WHM cPanel reseller hosting. Website hosting is one venture that is expanding at a tremendous rate. There are already many hosting companies and yet more are being formed. However, each passing day sees design and hosting of many new websites.

This has meant that website hosting services are wide enough to accommodate many more hosting companies. Website hosting being such as large venture has been stratified such that the smaller hosting companies also find some space in the niche. Owning and managing servers is not easy for small enterprises especially when the number of clients is very low.

Benefits of WHM cPanel Reseller Hosting

However, that does not mean that small and medium enterprises cannot operate as website hosts. They can find easier entries into the market by purchasing smaller hosting packages that they can then resell to their clients. Website reseller plans utilizes Web host Manager (WHM) panels. With a WHM account, a web host reseller can create stratified hosting space packages that s/he can later sell to more clients.

WHM cPanel reseller hosting offer small business owners the capability to segment and even customize their cPanel profiles such that their clients cannot tell who owns the server where they have hosted their websites. This allows these web hosts to expand their businesses as they use the resources of the large companies. WHM accounts on the other hand are sold as per the requirements of the buyers.

Many hosting companies have start up packages that are usually small, with small disk space and bandwidth, but as the reseller’s demand for more space grows his/her account is upgraded to another bigger package. When the demand for space is high enough, the reseller account can be converted to a dedicated server that is managed on behalf by the large hosting company.

Many individuals and companies that operate from abroad prefer operating WHM reseller account rather that owning dedicated servers. The reseller accounts can sustain many companies for many years because their disk pass requirements are always not very high. Automated online buying has also helped many companies to acquire and expand their reseller accounts with little hustles.

A Few More Things About WHM cPanel Reseller Hosting

Small hosting companies that also do data backups as a subsidiary business may prefer to buy Virtue Private Servers (VPS) accounts instead of the regular shared servers. With a VPS account, a company can provide data security and at the same time use the WHM cPanel reseller account for hosting websites in their virtue servers. There are many companies that sell WHM cPanel reseller hosting accounts.

However, before you buying any services from the companies it is advisable to compare the packages, settings, and prices charged by various companies. All companies have varying packages on offer but you should compare the specific details of the packages against the offering prices. You should also check on the security of the companies that you want to buy from because data security is very important to every business.

The location of the servers that your WHM cPanel reseller hosting account is located should also be a priority. The speed of your websites can be affected by the location of the servers and thus you should have your account set up in servers that are located closest to you. This is why considering WHM cPanel reseller hosting is very important.

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