What is WHM Hosting and Can it Benefit you?

The term WHM stands for Web Host Manager and serves as a control center for cPanel and WHM hosting pack. It basically helps IT vendors and server administrators to manage hosting accounts on a given web server. This is a web-based tool with an interface for managing and monitoring server specific.

With the WHM-interface, you will be hosting account, account selling, domain, and account management. It also allows administrators to use services such as Apache and SQL including rebooting. WHM hosting also allows installation of server modules and/or systemic application in the preparation of backup files manually or automatically. We can also modify DNS and transfer of accounts between two different servers under WHM.

CPanel and the WHM-application package is an excellent tool for all administrators, and even vendors. Not only is it easy to use, but also can carry out tasks quickly and efficiently. CPanel is part of a package that allows owners of certain site manager access to your site, and the CEO Forum provides for automation of different server management and configuration activities. Making it easier even for the novice web site administrators. The package also has a “Getting Started Wizard” to help beginners to become familiar with the system.

The WHM hosting software package designed to support itself and automatically restart a special task to monitor the system. Packages are built with the latest technology to secure servers. Detection and protection from a virus, rootkit detection, and other tools for the protection of servers, cPanel, and WHM-package protects against possible attacks. Not to mention that the software configuration is easy to use and fast. The software can also be obtained through the use of smart phones in the total mobility server administrator.

The WHM hosting services mainly consists of two different interfaces that do not meet each other. They are a primary reseller section and the other administrator section. The primary section involves in some common tasks such as deleting, creating, and suspends cPanel accounts.

The second part is designed to add and remove packages of the seller. Beneficiaries under this section shall also have the option to include or exclude information about prices, update announcements and all news related to customer support.

Most of the WHM hosting providers offer high quality web hosting services at a reasonable price. The users will surely like the cPanel control leading edge, including a crib Forum. It is generally available for Linux and UNIX web hosting services.

When you choose a web host, you should be very careful. Web hosting occasionally provides an excellent package with cPanel and WHM hosting. However, some hosting services are simply providing packages of poor service quality. You can create vivid study was to venture into such web hosting services. Acquisition of knowledge will help you find the best choices available in the market to choose from. Open source products can be trying at times.

WHM or the Web Host Manager is a server control panel interface, which is designed specifically to meet the server administrators and web hosting. It facilitates the preparation and updating of user accounts, receiving warnings during server downtime, building, and delivery of packages, install applications and programming languages, modules, and integration of new web technology. In addition, WHM makes it easier to evaluate using cPanel interface with custom logos and block SPAM.

The Most Important Features of WHM Hosting

1. Exclusive use of server administrators helps in integrating new web technologies with a few clicks. This includes not only security measures, such as suPHP, WHM, suEKSEC, and a Security Center, but you can also install a new software module to allow for custom scripts, except for changes in server software. Administrators can easily manage the configuration of services using FTP, email, and the web.

2. The WHM Hosting offers a strong control over email accounts, such as administrators automate the blocking of spam before it reach the server. Servers can automatically perform the range of knowledge on servers managed by spam e-mail. In the case of extremely high load on the server, administrators can easily bounce e-mail to ensure that the burden of time after the e-mail after a certain period of reduced supplies.

3. The WHM interface allows easy installation of any useful application or programming language. It facilitates automatic updating with the latest version of cPanel and WHM-Server software. In addition, it is effectively able to handle repetitive tasks from the entity DNS for each hosting account, and administrators can use the DNS zone template for required speed.

4. WHM automatically restarts even with the absence of server software, and enables administrator access via IM, pager, e-mail, or SMS, so he can investigate the cause quickly to avoid any catastrophic server failure. It also informs the driver about the lack of hard disk space, which should be provided. It also offers a tool to monitor hard disk, so that corrective action can be taken. Server load can be tracked, while the daily reports CPU usage can be tested, which processes more energy is spent using the WHM. In addition, the WHM applies to existing infrastructure to web host.

5. Reliability, simplicity, and efficiency are some of the good features of this hosting. In fact, this is what the entire WHM-task management web hosting is about. This type of hosting is provided for people not in the technical side of hosting and want a simple solution for their business.

6. WHM control panel has over 52 scripts that can be instantly installed.

7. WHM software provides a more simple and effective way to promote your Reseller hosting, and user management. WHM is a powerful tool created by the same administrative cPanel software company behind the popular (cPanel) Control Panel.

8. WHM can build unlimited accounts on your hard disk space and bandwidth. This software is amazing and you can oversell hosting to increase revenue and provide for your client’s needs. Is actually designed to help retailers maximize their profits, with the ability to check your bandwidth and disk space monitoring.

9. The great advantage of this package sells your customers are well taken care of. From the cPanel interface, users can set their own email accounts, manage files, and add the domain. Installing Fantastico will make you popular with your customers. This application is included in the cPanel software, along with a wide range of scripts to add users to their accounts. Fantastico offers WordPress, Joomla, CubeCart, and phpBB just to name a few. CPanel is feature-rich control panel and Fantastico makes it much better.

The Conclusion to WHM Hosting

The WHM hosting is to making managing a group of websites easy, simple, and to creating new accounts, monitoring statistics about the sites on your account, suspending, and deleting accounts.

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