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Basically, antivirus tools are software programs for computers. These programs seek, recognize and tear down malicious items commonly called computer virus. Actually, there are ways on how a computer can be infected of these damaging items. Your computer can be infected through browsing and downloading apps in the Internet.

It can also be infected through accessing information on a storage device where malware and virus have been implanted. However, you can keep your computer free from these harmful items. To protect your computer, you need to install a good antivirus software. Keep it updated and scan your computer regularly to effectively protect it from these harmful threats that virus brings into your computer.

Brief History

If you may not know yet, the first PC antivirus tool ever created was launched in 1987 by Bernd Fix, who is a Polish computer programmer. He created such antivirus when there was an outbreak of malware program which is called Vienna Virus. Three years after the said launching, more antivirus software were available in the market that included the leading industry leaders such as Norton, McAfee and VirusScan. During the late 1980’s and 1990’s, Internet was not yet rampantly used.

Information was just passed through floppy disks. These disks were the source for many viruses and other malware items. That was why, in order to end its infectious activity, antivirus had been created. These antivirus tools scan and quarantine malicious items that were detected on your computer.

As the use of the internet multiplied in the wake of the big leap in computer users, the spread of virus is expected to contaminate computers connected to the web.It is no wonder therefore, that there are lots of researchers and computer developers who never stop developing antivirus tools to counter the birth of new types of viruses and malwares.

Types and its Functional Abilities

One of the many antivirus tools for PC is the virus scanner. The virus scanner can check every file and folder that are stored on the computer. It also includes checking your Internet cookies as well as all the caches and temporary Internet files for any sign of virus. If there are virus and other forms of malware being detected in the system, the antivirus tool can quarantine the said files.

Once quarantined, the user can now have the option of whether to ignore it or just delete it. This antivirus tool must be used to scan your computer on a regular basis to best protect your computer from computer viruses. Virus removal tool is one effective antivirus tool for personal computers. This removal software is specially designed to resolve viruses that are detected and spotted on your system. Once spotted, the software can remove these malicious items immediately and completely from your computer system.

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