The Different Types of Web Hosting Companies

types of web hosting plansShared Web Hosting Companies

The most popular of the web hosting companies offer shared hosting. This type of hosting offers many features for a very low monthly fee. Most of the top shared hosting companies however, expect you to commit to a full year or longer of hosting. They don’t even offer a monthly option for making your hosting payments.

However, some of the best shared web hosting companies offer a monthly and a yearly option. Of course, if you choose to pay for a full year or longer you will get a significant discount. This can help you save money, but if you need the flexibility of paying by the month, they also offer an option for that.

Shared hosting gives you the ability to use the resources of at least one server and you share it with many other accounts. You get many content management systems, a website builder, unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, and everything you need to get your own website or blog up and running successfully.

Not all websites need shared hosting, but if you’re working with a small budget, it provides a solid option for getting your website and blog up and live on the internet. You need a hosting company to provide the right foundation for your online properties and with the right one of the shared web hosting companies you will get exactly what you need.

Other Types of Web Hosting Companies

Another choice in the web hosting world comes in the form of dedicated hosting. This type of hosting requires a larger investment every month since the entire server belongs to you. This provides a super high level of security, considered unnecessary for many projects. You don’t need to spend hundreds on a dedicated server unless you plan to keep sensitive information on that server.

You may also want to look at VPS or virtual private server hosting. This type of hosting falls right between shared and dedicated hosting, but can get as expensive as dedicated hosting in a hurry. You will only get a limited amount of space and bandwidth, which means you, may lose visitors or pay more than what you expect.

Dedicated hosting and VPS hosting might work for larger corporations or businesses with plenty of money to spend, but if all you need is a foundation for a website, shared hosting will do the trick. Shared hosting provides plenty of security and unlimited options you cannot get with any other type of hosting.

It takes a significantly larger amount of money to use dedicated or VPS hosting compared to shared hosting. You can get three full years of shared hosting for about the same price of one month of dedicated hosting or three months of VPS hosting. If your budget cannot support a couple hundred dollars a month, shared hosting will provide you the most affordable choice.

Why Shared Web Hosting Companies Work Best

Not only do shared web hosting companies offer a low payment amount, but they also offer the ability to do more with your hosting without the technical knowledge. Beginners almost always choose shared hosting to start out and many use it for many years before they every switch, if they ever switch to another type of hosting.

The bottom line, if you want good hosting for a reasonable price, then shared hosting will provide it for you. All that’s left, deciding on the right one of the many web hosting companies for your shared hosting package.

What are the Best Hosting Plans for Beginners?

Beginners usually need to find hosting plans with a low cost and plenty of features. Since the coding and programming experience usually doesn’t exist, with beginners, a great web builder and other tools will help. Putting up your own website or blog does not come easy, without experience. However, with the right hosting, you can make it much easier.

Many of the best hosting plans give you a site builder and content management systems. Both of these tools can help you to put up a blog or website very fast and easy. They will also allow you to manage the content, design, features, and function of the actual site or blog. Without the help of either a site builder or a good content management system, building a website becomes much more difficult.

You must consider the features, price, support, and company before you purchase any of the hosting plans out there. You must also consider what type of plan you need. The major choice include shared, cloud, VPS, and dedicated hosting plans. Most companies offer shared hosting, but not all will offer the other options.

Shared Hosting Plans for the Tight Budget

The best type of hosting you can get allows you to share a server and pay less money for it. Dedicated hosting may provide more security and faster load times, but it also comes with more maintenance and a much higher price tag. The value of getting many great options and getting all the things you need for just a few dollars a month, comes from shared hosting.

With any other type of hosting, you must adhere to limitations every month. Shared hosting gives you unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, and many other unlimited features to help you build your website. In addition, you won’t need to worry about maintenance or paying a large amount every month.

Dedicated hosting costs over $100 a month and in many cases over $200 a month. This may not even come close to fitting your budget, whereas shared hosting only runs between $5 and $10 a month. You can even get a better price if you commit to a year or more up front. Usually you can get shared hosting for around $4 a month on a three year plan.

You need to be sure the hosting plan you choose fits with everything you need for your project. This means you need to look at the features, the support, and all the other options offered. Make sure you get all the things you need like a good content management system, a good site builder, and even shopping cart software if you need it.

Hosting Plans for Your Needs

Before you choose a hosting plan to use for your website or blog, make sure you know what you need. Some hosting companies don’t offer features for specific types of projects. Research what you are trying to do first and figure out what you will need before you move forward with choosing one of the hosting plans for your needs.

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