5 Hidden Fees to Look For When Choosing Your Website Host

If you’re choosing a cheap web hosting service, your idea is to save some money on your Internet marketing campaign. But if your host has hidden charges, you may end up paying more money than you anticipated and in some cases, your web hosting may not be as cheap as you expected. There are many customers who eventually realize that a so called ‘cheap’ web hosting company is actually more expensive than some of the leading web hosting companies in the market.

1: It All Starts With Storage

When you’re choosing a web hosting company for the first time, you may not feel that storage is very important as 1GB etc will sound like a huge volume of space for you. There are some (or most) hosting companies that offer unlimited storage space but technically this is not possible for the monthly hosting charges these companies have. However, they still go on with such advertisements because the word “unlimited” sounds very lucrative for most customers.

In reality, hosting companies are banking on the fact that their customers won’t exceed the maximum usage limit of 5GB, but if you go beyond that you will run out of space. With some established hosting companies, simply upgrading your plan will resolve this issue, but there are companies that charge you a hefty sum for upgrading.

2: Bandwidth And Storage Are Two Different Things

It’s not possible for a hosting company to offer unlimited bandwidth and in some cases they take the advantage of your lack of knowledge about web hosting. Many customers believe that bandwidth and storage of the same things but this information is not entirely true. If you run out of bandwidth, customers can access your website and this will result in many issues. You probably have to pay a higher amount to get more bandwidth.

3: Number Of Domains That Can Be Added

There are some web hosting companies that offer unlimited domains with your web hosting plan, but they do not offer the same with bandwidth and storage. When you run out of bandwidth and storage, you’re forced to upgrade your subscription plan. On the other hand, some of hosting companies offer you unlimited bandwidth and storage but they will only add you to have a single domain with the hosting plan. They know it’s difficult for the customer to run out of space with a single website.

4: Customer Assistance Can Cost You A Fortune!

This may sound too difficult to believe but there are web hosting companies that charge you for customer service. This is really unfortunate but this can happen with some hosting companies and when it occurs, you will be highly disappointed.

5: Number Of Databases Allowed

As a beginner, it’s not that important to know how many databases are offered by your web hosting company but when you are developing your website into a highly complex CMS product, you probably need more than one database and some hosting companies can charge a fortune for this.

When you are building a website from scratch for the first time, choosing the right Wordpress web hosting for your new business can be one of the hardest decisions. After the web hosting is the basis for all online businesses.


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