A Foolproof Formula to Writing a Successful Business Blog

It seems like everyone is at it. And if you don’t follow the crowd you risk getting left behind. Companies of all sizes can quickly convert browsers into buyers with an expertly written business blog.

As with every blog, you won’t achieve success overnight, but there are a number of ways you can create a winning business blog:

Consistent and Regular Updates

The first key to blogging is the “little and often” rule. Uploading a post every few months just isn’t enough. Aiming for at least once a week is ideal, but more than one post a day can be over kill. Consistency is key.

Aim to post at the same times every week so people know when to expect new information from you. Having a ‘weekly round-up’ style post is always a good idea. This type of consistent post will draw people to you blog, and help convert them into customers.

Relevant Information

When blogging, make sure everything you post is relevant to your field. Keep your blog to your business niche, and only post information your readers are going to be interested in. Considering your audience is important – write about what they want to read about.

In terms of SEO, make sure you’re posting unique, high quality information. Well research articles, backed up by statistics and facts, will boost your rankings. Post about new product launches, changes within the company and your latest success stories.

If you’re struggling for inspiration, post about a current event or key issue within your market niche. Explain to your visitors what’s happening, how it affects them and what you are offering. Focus on the benefits of working with you.


Another important thing to consider when writing business blog posts is your tone of voice. It is vital to strike the balance between a professional and a personal voice. You need to prove that you are the authority on your market niche. Use your high quality copy to prove why your business is the best.

You also need to appear approachable and personal to your clients. Excessive use of exclamation marks and colloquial language may undo all your hard work. But you need to keep a personal tone to encourage your readers you are professional and good to work with.

Grammar and Spelling

The quickest way to get people to leave your business blog, and ultimately your website, is poor grammar and spelling. Many blogging platforms have built in spell-checkers but it is always a good idea to write your posts in Microsoft Word first.

As with any copy that is being published online, make sure you proof read before you make the page live. Mistakes can always be rectified after, but it will make you look a little unprofessional if you have simple grammatical and spelling errors.

While a blog is not the most important aspect of your website, it is a chance for your clients to get to know you as a business. As a place to showcase your new products and services, a business blog can help convert visitors into customers very easily. With this in mind, it is important you take great care when updating it.

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