The Beginners ColdFusion Tutorial


A ColdFusion Tutorial for the Beginner

When coldfusion began it was originally a commercial product created by a company called Allaire Corporation. This product was much different than many other scripting languages because it could be encrypted so that it would not display the source code. This is what makes it so attractive because individuals can sell their source code and they do not have to worry about piracy. The other major difference is that ColdFusion is not free like other source codes.

The Basic ColdFusion Tutorial

ColdFusion is much like HTML since the code uses tags to define different functions. One of the differences is that you will be naming your files with the .cfm extension instead of the .html or .htm extension. The fact that HTML and ColdFusion are similar in the way they work will make it much easier to learn ColdFusion if you have knowledge of HTML. Typically a ColdFusion page will have a mix of HTML and ColdFusion tags. It could also contain other tags like Java script or XML as well. The ColdFusion tags are easy to spot because they all start with the same two letters, “cf”.

If you plan to use ColdFusion for your webpages, then you should consider taking some time to test the script out and really learn it inside and out. There are many different pre-written functions out there that can help you figure out how to work with this type of script. One of the better places to find scripts that will help you out is the CF library and the ColdFusion exchange. These are two of the more popular places on the internet to find out what you are after.

Other Important Information for this ColdFusion Tutorial

It is also important to note that if you do get stuck on something you can use the House of Fusion website to ask questions and find answers in the newsgroups section. Another helpful thing that you may have used when you were trying to teach yourself HTML is to read other people’s code. This can help you to see what the code does and how to set it up properly.

The bottom line is there are many choices when it comes to The Beginners  ColdFusion tutorial that you can take part in. There are actual training classes out there and there are many blog posts that can take you from the very beginning to the more advanced choices with the CF type of script. All you need to do is use your favorite search engine and do a search for a ColdFusion tutorial that fits your needs.

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