Why the Fantastico Script Matters


Benefits of Using the Fantastico Library of Scripts

The Fantastico script comes integrated with cPanel and is included in most reputable web hosting plans which use a PHP/Linux based platform. It allows the installation of web applications and scripts such as WordPress, Joomla and other CMS systems.

The Fantastico application is a third party add on for the cPanal and the web host will pay a license fee to cPanel Inc. for its use. However, the hosting clients who purchase hosting accounts are free to use it freely for as many domains they decide they need hosting for, with that particular hosting company. The clients will not have to pay additionally for each domain they establish a cPanel for on the host.

Using the Fantastico application, you will be able to install scripts in just a few seconds. MySQL databases and tables will not need to be set up through the usually long drawn processes they manually endure. There is also no need for file chmoding, importing structures, or other processes usually connected with such manual installations.

The Fantastico application is located in the cPanel which is a graphical user interface and the most popular and advanced type of control panel found in hosting plans these days. The application is represented by a smiling face icon and it consists of a number of open source programs that are easily activated with just the click of a mouse.

A website’s success depends on a number of tools that allows it to market its brand, and develops a relationship with its clients while building its online presence. Fantastico allows these processes to occur. Below are some of its features.

Features and Benefits of Fantastico Script

  • Content Management System – Allows the integration of CMS, or content management systems, like WordPress, Mambo, and Drupal. Management of blogs is easily achieved and so are the community based features that are included.
  • The installation of WordPress, for example, without the use of Fantastico will require the uploading of all the files first. Next the tables and the databases will have to be created, and that will be followed by the running of a script to connect together all the elements.
  • In the process, it often happens that a user will skip a step or two and other mistakes will be made that will result in a faulty installation. The use of Fantastico only requires the click of a mouse to accomplish all these tasks.


  • User-Friendly – Even a non-technical person unfamiliar with website installation and building can be comfortable. No need for file permissions or database set up knowledge.  Installation is completed with a few click of a mouse in a simple step by step process.
  • Open Source Programs – Many open source programs can be loaded with Fantastico and the process is very quick and simple and well suited for anyone looking for a fast way to load a website on their server.
  • Dynamic Websites – The software can be used to generate a dynamic, completely functional website that has features such as IP locking, message boards, cookie support, IP logging, calendar, web links, guest books, advanced picture galleries, and polls.
  • Free Utilities – With Fantastico hosting, you are provided with free billing and ecommerce solutions, and open source shopping carts. Experienced webmasters can easily upgrade their scripts, and can utilize the frequently updated open source software they may be using.
  • Frequent Updates – Fantastico scripts are frequently updated by it producer and the hosting companies utilizing it on its servers ensure that they have the latest versions installed together with any needed security patches.
  • Solutions for eCommerce –Ecommerce solutions easily provide the tools a website needs for an online store, including billing features and shopping carts like of OS Commerce, Zencart and CubeCart. Such robust applications provide numerous payment gateways and shopping carts for product selling.
  • This solution would be appropriate for both the experienced marketer and the inexperienced webmaster.
  • Customer Support – Additional applications can be accessed to assist in customer support and include Help Center Live, Support Logic, Crafty Syntax, and OS Ticket. With these you can open chat sessions, support tickets, and live help to your clients.

The Fantastico script is a tremendous tool for any webmaster, new or experienced, who wants a sophisticated website without the learning curve of website building technology. It provides simplicity of installation, fast implementation of new features, and is the perfect solution for webmasters of all skill levels.

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