Finding and Using the Best Antivirus Review

As the world goes cyber, new spywares, viruses, worms, Trojans, and other malware software is unveiled each day, which means you need the best antivirus review. These novel threats are specifically veiled to evade the safety measures and technically designed to corrupt the whole computer. Defenseless computers today aren’t just exposed, they are undoubtedly already infected.

The essential question is which antivirus software is the best. This gives rise to further inquiries about its protection guarantee. How well it repairs the computer and whether it is extremely operational or not? After much research and reviews, it is agreed that Norton Antivirus is the best protection that a computer can have. Norton received the checkmark for anti-Trojan and antivirus software from West Coast Labs Checkmark. Furthermore, AV Comparatives gave the Advanced Award to Norton in August 2011 and they are the subject of the best antivirus review.

What is the Best Antivirus Review

The fact that it is AV Test certified is enough to establish that Norton is the best antivirus software out there. Housed in Germany AV-Test is an esteemed autonomous laboratory that researches the best ways to identify malware and experiments different antivirus software. With over 300 workstations and many dozen servers, AV labs add about 50,000 new types of malware to its databases. The results of AV-Test put Norton Antivirus in the top 20 for its effective functionality and security on Windows XP.

Apart from defending the computer against viruses and malwares, Norton Antivirus scans emails and IMs to detect any attachments containing viruses and suspicious links. Moreover, it also checks the Facebook news feed to determine links to insecure sites or perilous downloads. Norton antivirus will give a warning if any dangerous downloads are about to be started.

Norton adopts a rather exceptional process to detect threats. Besides scrutinizing files against a database of recognized viruses, it uses behavioral analysis to expose any apprehensive file performance that could disclose a new malware, which is not included in the database of known viruses. Symantec Online Network for Advanced Response or SONAR is the Symantec technology that examines file behavior and detects various new possible threats.

These are just a few reasons why the best antivirus review is almost always written about Norton. If you want to best you need to consider them above all the rest.

Why the Best Antivirus Review Matters

Its core task is to find brand new viruses, also known as zero-day threats. SONAR inspects the functionality of a particular process going on in the computer, and then it also searches for communications to and from the PC to distinguish any forms or sequences of relations that are identical to the malware profile.

Norton Antivirus software is very swift and easy to install and it operates in the background, consuming a very little amount of hard disk space or memory. It has a very organized control center with tabs to various options. The user can select a simple view if they want to assign only protection patterns and decisions, or a fully detailed view if they want to fiddle with the options of the software.

When over a 3G network Norton quickly identifies the connectivity type and halts all non-essential updates so that the cost of excess data download is cut down. Norton is well known for its 24/7 customer support that is accessible through email, live chat and telephone. Thus making Norton Antivirus Software the best PC protection and responsible for the best antivirus review.

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