Comodo Antivirus Review: The Good and the Bad

Our Comodo Antivirus Review The Good

You might want to make the most out of your investment by reading a Comodo antivirus review before proceeding. This is the reason why you have to make sure that you choose something that will let you pay less and you get more in return. Well, this is true in several cases, including antivirus software. You have to realize that it is good if you can find a way to get everything that you need just before you close the deal.

This is even the reason why you wanted to always buy in a package or set since you know that you can get more out of a lower price. Well, if this is what you look for, you might want to take a look at a Comodo antivirus review before you do anything else.

The Best Part About a Comodo Antivirus Review

This might seem like a newcomer in this industry. However, it did not take a very long time before it gained popularity. This is because of the fact that it integrates many features once you are to buy the package. The Comodo firewall Pro series is one of the most popular of all. It is one of the best firewalls ever made. It is so strong and has the ability to block even the strongest threats to your computer.

Not to mention the fact that it has also come up with another version, the Comodo internet security pro. This has the ability to do antivirus features and firewall at the same time. Therefore, it has maintained its top spot in the industry the moment it was introduced. Therefore, you will not regret getting this as an investment after reading the Comodo antivirus review.

Even if the firewall is good enough, based on Comodo antivirus review and tests, it was proven that the antivirus component is not that good. This is because of its failure to detect the actual number of viruses and spyware planted on the computer. However, given the fact that this is just a newcomer in the industry, it is totally understandable. The company has a lot of time in order to improve on its current product.

For sure, with their ability to provide the best firewall, they can come up with the best antivirus in no time. For now, they have a good frequency when it comes to the detection of the malware and spyware. This can also block more than half of these files. It can also detect and remove inactive rootkits.

The Bad About a Comodo Antivirus Review

When it comes to the ease of use, you will have no question with this product. You will find it very easy to deal with. You can make use of it right away. You can navigate around the software right away. It can also do the process of scanning at the fastest way possible.

However, it also falls short when it comes to anti- spam and anti- phishing techniques. Well, this is also something that is being worked on by the company as of the moment. This is a very serious issue that many users would want to secure before getting this deal.

Well, there is nothing wrong if you give this software a try. You will soon find out that it is still the best choice. Those who have tried it out before can assure you that this is still the perfect solution to your problem. They are the ones that have taken the time to write a Comodo antivirus review.

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