Free Anti Virus Downloads For The Budget Minded Web Surfer

Do I Need Free Anti Virus Downloads For My Computer

If in fact you are the owner of a desktop or lap top computer. If said computer is currently lacking in protection or anti virus software then free anti virus downloads could be the answer. If you are struggling like all of us are i todays economy then free anti virus downloads are perfect for you. Obviously free fits into the budget better than any other expense would. It should however always be noted that you get what you pay for in life and free anti virus downloads are no exception to the rule. In my opinion if you are getting free anti virus downloads then downloader beware.

Unless of course you have received a free download from a major player in the world of anti virus software protection. – ZoneAlarm Internet Security may not offer free services but are definitely capable of handling all of your internet security needs. While free anti virus downloads may be alluring to the miser in all of us we must always keep in mind that free is not always good. And no one can put a price on your safety and the safety of you private and personal information.

Are Free Anti Virus Downloads Worth It

In many cases it would seem that free anti virus downloads are just what you need. I would have to recommend you steer away from such things. Typically when something is free it is a pared down or lessened version or even an earlier version of the software others might pay for. You can liken this unto your smart phone. When you go to the app store and search for a game or app of some sort there are plenty of free games.

Well the problem with this and free anti virus downloads is that the version you get is missing tools or services afforded to those who bought in to their service, game or application. This is to say that they are only giving you for free what they need to reel you in and sink the hook a little deeper. Leaving you feeling like you have been taken advantage of. These software companies much like app store game developers use these type of lures to draw you in and force your hand so to speek.

So it is best to remember that while free is as cost effective as it gets it is not always the best road to travel. The security of your personal information should not be left to chance with free anti virus downloads.

Free Anti Virus Downloads Could Be Troublesome In Many Ways

The one thing that has always concerned me about free software or free anti virus downloads is the word free. First and foremost we need to remember that free may be great for the bottom line it could be detrimental to the health and safety of your computer and the personal information we keep locked away in its darkest recesses. With free anti virus downloads these highly important and personal documents and file could be more easily stolen or compromised. This could be done in many ways.
1) poor source coding and protocol structure
2) hidden programs within the body of the free anti virus downloads you have chosen.
3) back door access interwoven with the free anti virus downloads by the creators of the software.

These are just a few of the pitfalls you could be faced with when dealing with free anti virus downloads. So it is with the strongest conviction that i emplore you to research the anti virus software companies highlighted herein and make the right choice for your budget and computers security needs.

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