CoolHandle Hosting Analysis Bigger And Better After The Merger

CoolHandle hosting is perhaps the only web hosting company designed by IT professionals with a vision in mind not cluttered by dollar signs. The company has been functioning since 2001 the web hosting services designed by these professionals are practically flawless and meant to cater to a wide client base. In January 2010 CoolHandle was acquired by ProNetHosting. Their web hosting software comes loaded with great tools that are easy to use and most importantly- fast. There is a plethora of web hosting companies on the internet now, but seldom do they cater to all your specifications and mainly turn out to be technologically inept.

This CoolHandle hosting analysis will list all the great packages and tools that the company offers and help you decide whether it is the right company for you and fulfills your web hosting needs. During the course of researching for this CoolHandle hosting analysis it also became apparent that the company not only offers the mandatory hosting services that most companies normally do but includes a number of extra services. Furthermore, they take into account the needs of their customers and address them directly, making sure their customers aren’t tempted to switch over to another company. No other web hosting company, that has been established for so long pours such attention over its client base.

Coolhandle hosting logoThe services provided by CoolHandle are undoubtedly reliable and very fast. The servers used are fitted with high end technology and upgraded frequently to the best available in the market. This makes the network connection very fast and helps companies handle their customers with ease and efficiency. CoolHandle has been around for some time but it is now a brand new company as it is acquired by ProNetHosting in January 2010.

It is now run by the professionals in both companies rendering them very confident about their services. It should come as no surprise then that they offer a money back guarantee in the event that their clients are not satisfied with their services or run into trouble of some kind. However, that is highly unlikely as once you sign up for their hosting plan, CoolHandle assigns a team of professionals who take care of everything for you and you therefore, need not be worried about running into trouble of any kind. With their highly trained and qualified staff, flawless infrastructure and web hosting software and plans which are easy to use, CoolHandle is a great choice.

The software provided by CoolHandle helps you in designing your own website, adding images, designs, logos, text and colors to it which effectively enables clients to create a website exactly as they had imagined without any hindrances and with the option of revamping it whenever they so please. If you have no time to spare you can simply delegate the task to someone else and if you are a novice and new to the world of web hosting you can skim through this process without any difficulty. It’s just that easy to use.

Customer support offered by CoolHandle is something that you will not be disappointed in. Customer satisfaction may be one of the reasons why CoolHandle offers all its services at such low prices and of such high quality. If have any queries regarding the services, all you need to solve your doubts is that call the customer care service at CoolHandle hosting who are friendly, supportive and available 24/7.

Fast + Reliable Web Hosting Service at CoolHandle

CoolHandle and CloudLinux HostingThe CoolHandle data center is located in Los Angeles, California and is in the same building used by the nation’s 12 largest Internet providers to connect to each other. Therefore one of the best things about CoolHandle is its incredibly fast network links and reliable web servers. CoolHandle’s operations are backed by impressive hardwire that offers great connectivity, The company management guarantees to keep their links under 50% utilization which enables the web host to absorb traffic bursts without dropping packets.  Furthermore, CoolHandle also maintains multiple Tier-1 upstream providers; which allows the web host to route around outages and spikes in traffic. CoolHandle offers a wide range of web hosting services ranging from but not limited to shared, VPS, dedicated, and reseller hosting services. The company has always been very well reputed for its VPS and dedicated hosting plans and these have only gotten better since the merger.

Like many other green hosting companies, CoolHandle is offsetting the company’s electricity consumption with Renewable Energy Certificates. At this time of writing the web hosting company is 125% powered by renewable energy. But it doesn’t just stop there. CoolHandle has also recently started to work with a new renewable energy partner, 3 Degrees, Inc., to find innovative ways to become more environmentally friendly. One major disadvantage about going green to this extent and the reputable services however is the price tag attached. For 36 months subscription, CoolHandle’s Starter/Business/Pro Hosting Packages are priced at $4.95/mo, $10.95/mo, and $12.95/month.

Compared to other hosting services this is rather pricey and if you are on a budget therefore, these hosting services might not be your first choice. The starter package included 5 add-on domains, 5 parked domains, 5 mySQL databases, 5 FTP accounts and 5 mailboxes. If a client wanted unlimited hosting features they had to subscribe to the Pro Package offered at CoolHandle that was again pretty costly at $12.95 per month. This is at last twice as much as regular unlimited hosting services. However, CoolHandle does offer great promotional deals and packages, so keep an eye out for those.

Additional Products at CoolHandle

CloudFlare Partnered with CoolHandleOnce you sign on with CoolHandle, there are a number of additional products and services available for existing clients. These include Package add-on’s such as SSL Certificates that
Protect sensitive information during online transactions easily and securely, and a Dedicated IP Address that caters to all your advanced hosting needs. CoolHandle also offers Domain name services that include Domain Privacy to help protect you against spam, scams, and identity theft. Their Web design packages include services that help jump start your Web site with a professionally designed Website instantly. They also offer CloudFlare Content Delivery Network (“CDN”) Services which allows fast website load times, reliable service and high-quality audio and video downloads.


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