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There are a plethora of reasons for one to create and launch a web site these days. One may have a standpoint or view of a specific niche or hobby that has yet to be explored. This is the mother of innovation at its heart. When a new idea surfaces and changes the way things are done we can be sure that change will bring about the evolution of your niche or hobby, ushering in a new way of thinking for all of those who share an affinity for your personal interests.

As well as giving us a perspective on the subject at hand previously gone unseen by the authorities on said subject matter. This is why change and innovation are so very important to all things in life, to which the internet and web hosting as a whole are not immune. Ultimately, we all stand to gain from change and innovation and we should embrace it for this reason.

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We can all benefit from the broadening of the horizons in our business or personal interest lives. This is why the contribution of the internet to all facets of life cannot be denied. This is one of the most remarkable and useful innovations in the history of mankind and we can all be proud to be a part of it.

Those who own web sites or simply generate content for said web sites can say we were all a part of the furthered education and understanding of the internet and the web sites of which it is comprised. This will be our legacy as the new era of computation begins creating a new way of thinking and bringing about a need for more information on this ever changing e-based society and the internet and web sites we all hold so dear. This is why iPage and web hosting firms like them are a necessity to the World Wide Web and its many varied web sites.

So Who Is iPage Anyway?

iPage Hosting is Wind PoweredFor more than a decade now iPage has been offering up affordable web hosting packages for all who need them. They host a wide variety of websites from business to nonprofit websites and everything in between. They understand fully that our individual needs differ from one client to the next and for that reason they offer very flexible hosting packages to their vastly diverse clientele base. These malleable website hosting plans offer up a great deal of services for the price and for that iPage is highly trusted and well-liked by the world of webmasters and website owners who trust in their top notch services every day.

This highly educated and well learned team of professionals have been perfecting and honing their craft since 1995 and it shows. Many web hosting firms have come and gone since the inception of iPage and we are sure to see more fall to the wayside as time wears on and iPage continues to transform their business strategies to meet the needs of their growing customer base. With seventeen years in the business you can be sure that iPage will do everything it takes to meet these changing demands from the exponentially expanding World Wide Web and the people who give it life with their business, entertainment and social websites.

The best part being that with iPage at the wheel you can be confident that you are in the hands of a green web host who does what they can contribute to the conservation of mother earths rapidly dwindling resources. Let’s not forget to mention the fact that their customer 24/7 365 day a year support team is all North American based, this is something even major corporations and nationally recognized service providers we trust every day can’t boast. These are some of the many reasons people choose iPage every day as the champion for their website projects.

Let’s Take A Closer Look At The Features iPage Offers Us

iPage Awards for Hosting Excellence

When we find ourselves in need of a web hosting account we will need to be sure that the web host we choose can meet our needs. With a robust hosting package like you get from iPage you can be confident that the features you will need to get things going will be readily available to you. So let’s take a closer look at what they have to offer us as end users.

1. Disk (Server) Space

When you set out to attain a hosting package we need to know they can offer enough space to host and store the important and critical data that comprises your growing website. With iPage you get “loads” of server space solely tasked with this function.

2. Data Transfer or Bandwidth

The simple fact here is that without the appropriate bandwidth your website will be slow loading and a less than desirable experience for your websites many numerous visitors. A quality web host like iPage can offer you “loads” of bandwidth as they say. This is an absolute necessity if the success of your website is your primary goal.

3. Domains

With a diverse and flexible host like iPage hosting you can rest assured that domains will never be an issue. Their cost effective and well-rounded hosting packages offer you the ability to host unlimited domains from the convenience of one hosting account. This will allow you to launch multiple different web based projects at the same time and still have room for the expansion of your overall number of websites.

And this list continues on from here with unlimited MySQL databases, emails, easy to use site builder tools, shopping carts, PayPal integration, marketing guides and credits and a completely North American based customer support team. These features are offered to all prospective and existing iPage clients.

So What Technology Drives iPage

The iPage Web Hosting LogoThis Boston, MA based company can boast 2,400 square feet of overall sever space spread over two locations and comprised of better than 800 web servers offering a Petabyte of overall website storage space. These world class server banks are protected around the clock by a crack security team to insure the safety of your valuable private and personal information.

They have created a pooled server environment to allow for ease of access to the individual web surfers trying to gain access to your websites whenever they request it. Ultimately meaning that the first server available to process the end users request will be able to and will not be forced to wait for an open line of dialogue directly with your individual server in said pool. This will increase the overall load speed of your website and allow your clients to have a more enjoyable web surfing experience when it comes to your websites.

These networks are accompanied by dual redundant routers and utilize two firewalls for the added security and safety of your website and the data of which it is comprised. Your websites data is first parsed by their Big Iron load balancers and then it’s on to their powerful DELL servers to be processed for your websites visitors.

These DELL servers are split into multiple application pools to help expedite the process of data management and transfer with ease and convenience. This is due to the manner in which they arrange the application pools according to their necessary functions. The best part of this is if your primary server goes down or crashes there will be another one ready to pick up the pieces and move on to keep your website up and running 24/7, 365 days a year. All of this is backed up with an anytime money back guarantee. This shows you the confidence iPage has in its servers and the services they render to their many satisfied customers every day. So take the time to get a closer look at an iPage analysis and the awesome hosting packages they have to offer you.

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