Do you Need Responsive Web Design?

It’s pretty obvious, you need a website for your business, but there’s more to it than just throwing up a few pages with information about what you do. Hiring a professional designer to create a great image to represent your company online will make a huge difference. However, it doesn’t stop at just putting your website out for the world to find. You need to consider responsive web design, as well.

Building your business, through the internet, is a great way to jump to the next level. However, many searchers won’t find you by using just a computer. Over half the online searches, through Google and other search engines, happen on a mobile device, such as a tablet or smartphone. With a responsive website, you don’t have to worry about your site not loading quickly on these devices or being hard to navigate.

What Responsive Web Design Provides

Three specific types of web layouts are usually available when hiring a website designer. You can choose a standard layout, which works great for full-sized computers and is the least expensive option. Adaptive layouts will give you the ability to work with different screen sizes and resolutions, but adaptive layouts do require more maintenance.

Choosing the responsive layout will give you one fluid layout working across all devices, screen sizes and resolutions. This option gives you the functionality you need to reach users on any type of device. You won’t need to update it as often and you gain uniformity on all platforms. The only downfall to responsive web design, it’s more expensive.

Benefits of a Responsive Website

web-designThe first impression most consumers will receive comes from your website. We’ve become a society of searching online for everything before we actually visit a physical business location. With a website accessible from all platforms, you can put forth the right business images without worrying about how the potential customer accesses your site.

A responsive website will improve your ability to market to potential customers. Consumers don’t have to wait until they can use their home computer to check out your company. If they’re interested, they can look at it anywhere, which provides immediate marketing. When they pull up your website on their smart device, it will show up property without any issues because it’s a responsive layout.

Screen sizes, resolutions and devices are constantly changing, which makes it difficult if you’re using a standard or adaptive website layout. Instead of spending time constantly updating your site for all the different screen sizes and new devices, you can do it once and trust it will show up properly. A responsive layout allows for less updates and your website will display properly across all devices.

Brand recognition is a very powerful thing and your responsive website will help increase brand awareness. Making your site look the same across all platforms helps to create continuity for your brand, which can be very powerful.

Choosing a Responsive Web Designer

It’s better to invest the money from the beginning and get a website that requires less maintenance and fewer updates over the next few years. With the help of a responsive web designer, you will get a website ready to help you build your brand. Choosing the right designer isn’t always easy and the best design teams do more than just create a great looking website. They know how to communicate your message to your target audience in a way that evokes action.

Don’t just choose the first designer you find. Spend time comparing a few and make sure you choose someone capable of create a website you can be proud to use for your business. This is a vital part of growing your business and you want to make sure you choose a responsive web design team with the ability to put your best foot forward.

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