Importance of RSS & Feeds


RSS is simply known as Really Simple Syndication. RSS and feeds are almost same thing with a little difference. Here I am not going into details about the difference. We will focus on benefits and advantages of RSS & feeds. What do you understand by RSS? Well! If you daily visit a particular website like CNN or YouTube then it is very cumbersome to visit these websites every time. So to make your job simple, you can subscribe to RSS of a particular website and in return they will update you whenever something new happens regarding CNN or YouTube.

How it Works?

Daily you visit dozens of websites related to all categories. It is very difficult going to every website and open them in a new window separately. In fact this is really tiresome and most importantly very time consuming. Hence the best way is to collect them in one place and manage as you like it. You may have noticed a small square button on every website you visit, it says “Subscribe to RSS”. Sometimes it may be present at the bottom of the website. Therefore you subscribe by just clicking on the icon.

Google Reader & Feed Demon


The best way to collect RSS and feeds in one place is by using Google Reader. There are many RSS readers available today however my favorite is Google Reader. You can also opt for Feed Demon from Microsoft. Google Reader is available online however Feed Demon is a software and you have to download. If you subscribe to RSS of a particular website then they will ask you to choose which subscriber you want to use, Google Reader or Feed Demon. You can choose as per your liking.

Instant Updates

If you talk about advantages then first thing that comes to our mind is Instant updates. You are updated instantly in the feed of a subscribed website whenever something happens. You can read headings in the right hand side of the screen. If you find a story interesting and want to read more then you can do it by just clicking on the heading.

Easy Management 

The management of feeds is so easy that you can subscribe not just 10-12 websites but thousands of websites. In fact there are webmasters who manages more than 5000 feeds. Hence you can easily collect them in one place and categorize in a folder. Google reader gives complete control to users, you can arrange feeds in new folders. You can create more folders and name them according to the type of websites you will be subscribing. Therefore Google reader is best for RSS and feeds management. I can say same thing about Feed demon from Microsoft.


In conclusion I would only say RSS and feeds are best way to manage information that is up to date. You simply have to subscribe to websites and manage their feeds in Google reader or Feed demon. You can get instant updates and manage them by creating folders of different categories. Now you can have access to all information in one place like never before.


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