SEO Myths For Dentists Running a Website

The realm of search engine optimization and the prevalence as well as the proliferation of internet marketing has clouded the industry and muddied the methods. Today one finds terms such as white hat operations versus black or grey hat operations. The sinister tinge has been cast upon a very advanced and highly technical evolution in commerce.


It is altogether unfortunate and unnecessary that such things exist in today’s search engine practices. In reality, individual dentists who feel it necessary to employ quick methods to achieve search engine glory are myopic in their resolve. In truth, only the deserving site shat ascend the ranks and remain unseated till one more worthy comes along.


Backlink Flooding

The first myth that is peddled by fly by night operators is that the only key to ranking is to spam the system by flooding the net with backlinks. Lets dispel with this myth first as it is the most popular. Dentists are searched for all over the nation. It does an individual dentist absolutely no benefit to spend hundreds of dollars using articles, spinning them then trying to build links back to their website. As much as black hat tactics espouse the idea, it is inefficient. The reason it doesn’t work is because the backlinks that are planted are in sites that carry page ranks of zero or less. Some have even been blacklisted. Pretty soon, the likes of Google will discount these sites and your rankings will precipitously diminish into oblivion


Page Rank Does Not Matter

Page ranks tell search engine algorithms that the site is worthy of its recommendation. Lets dispel the black hat myth that page ranks do not matter. Assuming you read a piece of information on the New York Times Website by an award winning Economist, lets say Paul Krugman. You read that he believes that the US budget deficit is about to cause catastrophic ripples into every business facet. Then you read something on a no name blog by someone who you’ve never heard of and can’t verify his credentials, saying that the market is about to swing into record territory because the budget deficit will actually spur the economy on. Now think for a minute, whom do you trust? Its the exact same thing with search algorithms. The are looking for sites to trust and that trust is based on page ranks.


Phantom Traffic To Increase Ranking

This myth is among the most prevalent these days with black hat operators trying to use bogus traffic to ping websites and hope to achieve traffic increases. These are even done to increase the value of the site. But it is in vain. Search engines employ sophisticated code to differentiate real from fake traffic. Traffic that pounces on the landing page only to bounce back may count as a hit on the traffic counter but not only doe s it not register as traffic to Google, but it says that people were not interested in the site enough to go past the landing page. That is a minus in search engine terms.


These three myths that are often spewed by predatory black hat operators constantly looking for gullible internet marketing  and professionals with the innocent intention of getting their sties on top. In the search engine business, every thing is bene meritus.


Written by Elliot Pearson who likes to write about dental web design and dental seo marketing for Dentist Identity

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