Best WordPress Hosting – 2011 – Top Hosting Picks

The great popularity of blogging has given rise to a huge demand for WordPress web hosting. Not that long ago, WordPress was just used by individuals who wanted to find a space to create small personal websites. But now, with all the changes and upgrades the blogging platform has gone through, WordPress is the most preferred and robust of all the CMS systems available.

Static websites, produced by HTML site builders, were all the rage and very much in demand not too long ago. However, that is not the case now as they do not offer the best in performance, flexibility or robustness.

A great advantage that blogging platforms have over the static websites is the ability to host multimedia and music files, the storage of images, videos, and the availability of a  great deal of disc space. WordPress creates a variety of different websites including social media sites, information sites, news portals and many others.

The Best WordPress Hosting Pick for 2011 (HostMonster #1)



As WordPress is aCMSsystem, the usual attributes such as scripts, themes, modules, plugins and templates are available for a webmaster’s use. They are utilized in a number of ways to create different types of websites. WordPress continues to be the most in demand and the most popular of the blogging platforms.

Best WordPress Hosting – HostMonster – Specifics

 HostMonster prides itself with being a shared hosting company that provides the features ofVPS. It gives good performance and has its own data center. It gives its hosting clients 1-click scripts installation for WordPress blogs with the use of SimpleScripts. This process occurs in its state of the art cPanel control panel area.

The two types of WordPress hosting is free hosting and self-hosting. Through, you can host a blog free of charge. You will be given a sub-domain on the host’s website, and also a URL to match. With the URL you may add a word or phrase as a way to personalize it to your website, but there are few options to add more customization to your site. This type of hosting with limited features and options will be adequate for individuals who do not want to spend the effort required to add templates, and plugins as would be required in a self-hosted blog.

Self-hosted blogs are used in conjunction with a web hosting plan. A self-hosted WordPress blog is available from, and using it will give you an incredible amount of flexibility and customization for your blog. HostMonster ensures that the latest version of the software is always available to its clients. The blog itself is offered free of charge. To install one in your hosting space, you will need to purchase a domain name from a registrar, and then install it on your hosting plan with the use of SimpleScripts that HostMonster provides.

The installation of WordPress on the server takes almost no technical knowledge or experience, and even a total novice can do it. Complex operations are performed using the script and they allow easy creation of databases, email addresses, add-on domains, sub-domains and other tasks.

For the access a WordPress blog gives you to the World Wide Web, HostMonster charges just a small hosting fee that varies from just $5.95 per month. This fee allows a webmaster to gain access to a wide variety of features and resources that make it possible to run a website successfully.

WordPress Hosting Advantages

Easy Upload process – The process of uploading files to your hosted space is made easier since theCMS is also loaded. This means that you will not need to utilize external FTP software.

Easy Access by Multiple Users – A webmaster can use this to his advantage if he needs his writers, SEO experts, and graphic specialists to access the site to perform their tasks. These users can be located in different parts of the country or the world, but they can be given the necessary permissions to perform their jobs. These permissions are set at whatever level the webmaster decides is needed, and can be withdrawn at his discretion. In his way, a blog can be installed, updated and completed in record time.

Quick Installation – As already mentioned, scripts are available for fast blog installation.

Essential WordPress Hosting Requirements:

The following are the features offered by HostMonster to its hosting clients:

Unlimited Bandwidth and disc space

99.9% Uptime server guarantee

Unlimited hosting of domains

High performing processors

Back up generators

Self-owned data center

24 hours monitoring

Free domain on signup

Free Online stores

State of the art cPanel

$75 Google marketing credits

Money back satisfaction guarantee

Customer Service available 24/7/365

SimpleScripts for WordPress Install

WordPress gallery

These features are included in the best of hosting companies, and HostMonster makes them available to all its clients regardless of their hosting plan.


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