Top Web Hosting Companies

Before you even start looking at things like plans, features or prices, you should think about what your specific needs are in a web hosting service. Knowing what you need and what you can afford will help prevent you from signing up for a package that you don’t need.

Before you start looking at web hosting services you need to think about what it is that you will need to run your website successfully. For example, if you only need 20 megabytes to effectively run your website, why would you need a package that has 200 megabytes available?

HostGator, Bluehost, and iPowerWeb — Top Web Hosting Companies

When it comes down to finding a successful, reputable web hosting company, there are three major options for you to choose from.  These companies include HostGator, Bluehost and iPowerWeb.

You will find many different features and incentives available at all three companies that will help you to get the service you need at a cost you can afford. Once you start looking into these companies, you will discover the one that meets your needs more than the others.

Different Packages For Different Clients

One company that seems to offer a little bit for everyone is a company called iPowerWeb. They offer deluxe all-in-one packages that have all the features and add-on services you could ever dream of having in a host.

The all-inclusive hosting package that is offered by iPowerWeb is the Business Pro package, which is intended for business owners, beginners, designers and other professionals. The features offered in this package will help new customers with customizable design templates and a free domain, and will also help clients that transfer their websites over with free marketing assistance.

Whenever you make any kind of purchase for your web business, and Bluehost is an excellent choice for the budget-conscious developer. Small business and even individual users will enjoy a lot of the helpful features available at Bluehost, such as the well-known enhanced multimedia offerings that helped them to build their reputation within the industry. Extra storage and site transfer capabilities are also available with every Bluehost account at a surprisingly low monthly rate.

There are four uniquely different web hosting packages available at HostGator. Beginners will really enjoy the cost-effective start-up package that is excellent for entry level developers, which provides a lot of very useful features all within a very easy-to-learn system.

Cpanel Controls

You also have your choice of several different control panels with HostGator. A full 30-day money back guarantee is also an excellent benefit, allowing customers the opportunity to make sure that their every need will be properly provided for without signing a long-term hosting contract.

Price should always be considered when comparing hosting companies, but it should be the only factor you consider. The lowest monthly rates, plus free – and instant – set-up services makes HostGator an excellent choice.

Storage Space

Another major factor you should consider is how much storage space is allotted and how much bandwidth is allowed to take you from start-up to future hosting requirements. It is important to estimate the growth and changes in popularity for your website between today and tomorrow, and choose a host that will grow with you or allow you to upgrade your package as needed.

If space is a major concern, Bluehost offers its customers the most space at the lowest rate. Another thing to consider is how many domains you will be adding to your hosting package to accommodate your needs in the future. Out of all the top companies, Bluehost is the only one that allows you to have more than just one domain.

No one hosting company will ever be able to perfectly accommodate the needs of every web developer. Each company is our list has something that will help web developers get the best web hosting package for the money. Doing all the research ahead of time and then making a list of what you need will make the task much easier.

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