Plesk vs. Cpanel – Which is the Better Choice?

If you are trying to choose between control panels for your website, then you may be looking for a discussion about Plesk vs. Cpanel. Well, you have found it and we are about to discuss the benefits and the downfall of both. After that we will look at which one is better and who should use each type of control panel.

The connection between the type of hosting and the control panel in it is rather important because a wrong combination won’t be able to produce a good website. Choosing the right control panel could simplify the administrator’s job. Here, we will discuss how cPanel and Plesk will turn out when used in a dedicated server condition.

plesk vs cpanel

For starters, both systems are available for Linux dedicated servers while only Plesk in available for Windows platform in a dedicated server. Both control panels has very simple interface and therefore being used by many people out there. There is a huge similarity between the two and both works extremely well with dedicated hosting. So, if you choose either one, you will still be able to get reliable control.

Any individual that is knows a lot about web-hosting knows that there are a large number of categories of control panels. These panels are mandatory for cheap server hosting to high end dedicated hosting services. The most urgent and sometimes used control panels are cPanel and Plesk. Both are hosting control panel software that provide a control panel to form and manage web site hosting services. CPanel and Plesk might be employed for Java Application hosting, internet site hosting and email hosting. There had been a long duration between the development of cPanel and Plesk.

Panel was released in 1996 and Plesk was first launched in 2003. CPanel supports a wide range of operating systems like CentOS, Red Hat Linux and FreeBSD. Plesk supports Debian, FreeBSD, SUSE, and Red Hat Linux. Supporting both Windows and Unix-based operating systems was a major excellence of Plesk over cPanel. This made Plesk awfully trendy within a quick time. CPanel is a fine solution for web development, Java hosting and Apache hosting, while Plesk works very well for Tomcat hosting and Concern hosting. CPanel and Plesk have a massive quantity of differences though they were made and intended to do similar roles. CPanel is stronger when thinking about WHM, which is sometimes known as server management.

Plesk is very noticeable for its cleaner interface. Many people appreciate this. All the features of hosting and all the tools of hosting can be accessed on same net site. Control depends on user log in. The most crucial difference between them is that Plesk depends on the user while cPanel is devoted to admin users responsible for handling the servers. There are a giant quantity of likenesses as both could be utilized for and applied to roles like making accounts, hosting internet sites, update, back up and server management. Plesk is used more for web development due to its web application support. Surveys show that low cost dedicated servers like cPanel rather than Plesk or any other control panel.

The Benefits of both in Plesk And With Using Cpanel

When you look at Plesk vs. Cpanel you have to understand that they both are very old and have been around for quite some time. This is a huge benefit of both of them simply because they have many features that other control panels do not have yet. They are more advanced and should be considered by anybody looking to build and manage a website.


This is a more popular choice out of the two and it is available for both Linux and Windows platforms. It has a very simple interface and this interface is also very functional. If you need to manage a website or blog, then you also have the choice of using Fantastico with Cpanel. This can also be used to set up a forum and for many other tasks.


Plesk is also very popular; however, it is not used as much as Cpanel. This is a much more advanced control panel and is known for the clustering abilities that are better than those of Cpanel. This is when you have more than one server performing different tasks and Plesk wins when it comes to clustering. However, Plesk is known for being more confusing than Cpanel.

Which to Choose out of Plesk or Either Cpanel

In conclusion, both control panels have been around for some time and both has got their pros and cons. Therefore, the choice really depends on the preferences of the customer or users. There are many web hosting providers out there that provides both the system. As long as a little research is done by reading reviews, it would be easy to get hold of either one.

If you are new to hosting and managing a website, then choosing to go with Cpanel may be the better choice. This is simply because if you use Plesk it may confuse you very quickly and there is a much steeper learning curve as well. This means that it may take you longer to get everything up and going for your website.

Those that have been using Cpanel or another control panel for quite a while will find Plesk to be an easier system to learn because of their prior experience. It is made for those that need something more advanced and are looking for a better clustering choice. The debate of Plesk vs. Cpanel leave no true winner and it really depends on what you need.

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