How to Pick the Right Domain Name for Your Blog

Pick the Right Domain NameThe right domain name for your blog makes a huge difference for your success. Your domain name represents your brand and without the right domain, you can’t build your blog’s brand. Choosing your domain is the first step towards success and this part of the process cannot be underestimated. Here are a few things to consider before you choose your domain name.

A Few Domain Choosing Tips

Choosing your domain doesn’t have to be a difficult process. With the right formula, you can evaluate the best choices for your new blog.

1. Consider the Keywords

Keyword phrases are an important factor in the process. By evaluating the most relevant keyword phrases, you can choose the right phrase to help represent you blog. A good keyword phrase spliced into your domain name can help you rank higher with the search engines. For example, the domain name should rank well for the keyword phrase “hosting blog”.

2. Branding your Domain Name

Sometimes using keywords can backfire, depending on what your blog represents. Buying a keyword rich domain can be very expensive and it might not provide the right brand for your needs. Make sure you consider more than just the keyword phrase with your domain name. It needs to be catchy and easy for your visitors to remember. You may want to consider just using the name of your blog as your domain name.

3. Using Hyphens

Hyphens should be avoided, if possible. Domains with hyphens can be difficult to remember and can actually hurt your brand.

4. Domain Length

The length of your domain will make a different, as well. You want the shortest domain possible, but it still needs to make sense with your niche. A good rule of thumb, keep your domain at three words or less.

5. Typos, Double Letters and Misspellings

Unless your blog name is a typo or a misspelling, make sure you avoid domains with a typo or misspelling. Sometimes it does make sense, for example, if you use a “z” instead of an “s”, in your blog name. Double letters are another thing to avoid. Anytime your domain name involves double letters, such as, it’s open to typos by your visitors.

6. The Extension

It’s pretty obvious, the .com domain is the most popular and it’s also the most powerful. However, if you cannot get the .com with the name you prefer, the .net and the .org are the next best choices. If you really want to make sure your blog is a success, get all the extensions available. This helps to avoid any typos or questions from potential visitors.

Where to Find Your Domain Name

The most common place to find and register your domain name is through a domain registrar, such as GoDaddy. If nobody owns the domain name, you will most likely find it through a registrar. However, sometimes you have to go a different route to get your prized domain name. Finding the right domain name might include using an auction site or contacting the current owner.

If you cannot find the domain name you’re looking for, you can type it into your browser to see what it currently contains. If it’s a highly successful website or blog, you may need to make a substantial offer, but if it contains nothing or very little, you can contact the owner and find out if it’s up for sale.

Another good way to find your domain name is through auction sites, such as or even the auctions on GoDaddy for domain names. You can also search and any internet marketing forum to find your domain name. Sometimes you need to get creative and use alternative measures to find your domain name.

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