Should your Host Provide a Free Online Website Builder?

What is the best free online website builder? This is a question many individuals may ask as they set about building their first website. Also, they say that as many as 50% of all small businesses do not have a website online and some of these businesses are actively seeking to at least set up a free site to boost their business’ visibility.

Facts on Free Online Website Builder

  • Many application and tools are available for building free websites online, they are robust enough to create sites with great functionality and design and the construction can usually be completed and published in about an hour.


  • These sites provide  templates and a vast number of designs for website creation. The design are often quite eye catching and very attractive. This is usually the big sell of these sites – professional looking graphics, and quality stock photos and alluring images.


  • Typically, these sites may allow for pictures, pages, photos, and images to be added, and also links to videos and other useful features. The tradeoff for all this freeness is the requirement that you use the name of the free service in the name of the site.
  • So any traffic that is generated will essentially be sent to the free service’s URL. You can, however, register a custom domain name and then redirect it to the URL provided by the service, so it would look like your own domain named site.


  • There are free online website builder services that will imply that you can create a free website using their services and you will instantly be found. But truthfully no software exists with that functionality to give you instant search engine results.


  • Quite often the hidden agenda is to sell you later on the purchase of a pay-per-click (PPC) service (in addition to other marketing tools) that they are partnered with and will receive commission on for new business they secure. You may receive FaceBook or Google ads credits as an enticement to begin a subscription and to possibly land a position in the sponsored links search area and to ‘get found’ by your target market.


  • The cost to ‘get found’ in this way can be prohibitively expensive, hence the possible profit by those who promote such PPC services. You will need to bid for clicks for the opportunity to have your website out- perform others that may have a better design and a greater page rank. This can become very costly for certain niches, for example the insurance niche, where the bidding for local keywords is fierce and expensive. Now your free website is involved in a high cost bidding game to ‘get found’.

Free Blogging Service

If you have to go with a free website builder, look at the option of a free blog instead of a free website. While the blogging platform is not really a ‘website builder’, it is highly ranked by small businesses. You will find many free ones available to you and they offer free templates, even a choice of a few basic colors and in a few cases you will be able to upload your own designs and headers.

Better off Using a Free Blog Service

  • The search engines (SEs) are especially fond of blogs which are mainly text entities that they like. Because of this, you will get the best results with blogs in the SEs than if you utilized the free (or even the less expensive) website builders that are available today.
  • The flexibility of blogs lies and the thousands of plugins available for use with them that can add more functions and features to increase their functionality.
  • In addition, the marketing of the blog after its creation is vitally important and many resources, again blogs, on how to market blogs are readily available online. This support will enable a webmaster using a free blog all the needed additional information and help he needs to maximize his use of a blog for his personal or business needs.

If you have to select a free online website builder, be certain that it will take you in the direction of your goals, and choosing a blogging service can do that because of the many possibilities for flexibility and expansion it affords you without the need to subscribe to expensive methods of traffic generation.

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