Android Apps For Students that Help with High School and College

Finding the best Android Apps for students can certainly help with finishing out the semester. Even though you have to get all your books, haul them to class, and deal with all the other parts of college that are not fun, there are some things designed to make it easier for you. You can actually use your smartphone to help you get through school.

This is a very functional device to help you call home, text your friends, and do so much more than you think you can do. You can get apps for your smartphone to help you share documents, record your voice, record your professor during class, and so much more. This can become your helpful secret to get you through college.

The Top Android Apps for Students

android apps for students

1. Gdocs

Gdocs is a Google based app that you can use to help with sharing documents and processing them. You can use it to access your current files, import documents, export documents, create new documents, and even create .pdf files. The best part is you can print right from your phone with a Google Cloud and you can use any of the printers that are connected to the internet on campus.

2. WikiDroid

Another great Android Apps for students is the WikiDroid app. This will help you with finding resources for papers and learning about any subject you need to know about. If you have this app on your smartphone, you will not have to worry as much about doing the research you need to do if your computer is on the fritz or you cannot get on a computer.

3. CoursePro

Students should also consider finding the CoursePro app and using it. This is a great Android Apps for students because you can track your homework and your grades with the free version. It is not out of the demo stages yet, but you can still track a few course. In the future, you will be able to track more courses as this app is developed further.

4. Voice Recorder

Getting a free app that provides you with a voice recorder can also be a good choice for Android Apps for students. This will help you sync your Google account with your smart phone. This means you can record audio from lectures and email the file to yourself to get it on your computer. You can even turn these files into ringtones.

5. Study Droid

If you use flashcards to study this is the perfect app for you. You no longer have to spend money or time putting together your flashcards because this app will do it for you. It is free and will work with your computer and your smartphone to organize, create, and help you study with flashcards. They even have a huge database of flashcards from other users that you can access.

Using Android Apps for Students

If you want help with your studies, taking notes, sharing documents, and many other things that can help you with college, then you need to use the apps that are out there for your smart phone. This is a great way to help yourself to the best tools for college and there are many Android Apps for students you can use for free.

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