What are Cloud Based Phone Systems?

If you make it a point to stay abreast of the technology world’s latest offerings, then you have probably been hearing a lot about cloud computing lately. The cloud concept is really a simple one, as you can liken “the cloud” to the Internet, itself. Basically, the cloud IS the Internet, and cloud computing is a method of delivering a service, often in the form of remote online file storage. One great new way to take advantage of cloud technology is by using a cloud based phone system (also sometimes referred to as Internet phone systems). Want to know more? Here are some interesting facts about cloud based phone systems:

Old versus new. Traditional phone systems are connected through copper wires and telephone poles, which is called the public switched telephone network (PSTN). Cloud based phone systems are connected through the Internet, and are run remotely.

Who uses cloud based phone systems? Typically, cloud based phone systems are ideal for businesses. These systems are an ideal replacement for conventional corporate phone systems, which must be maintained on site. That is because phone systems run through “the cloud” are maintained in the cloud. Also, cloud based phone systems are simple and easy to set up, and they come with an array of services and advantages that you would have to pay more for if you were using a traditional PSTN phone system.

Cloud based phone system options. In addition to the most common type of cloud based phone system (for the office), there are also mobile phone cloud systems and fax cloud systems. Using a cloud system for mobile phone service enables users to get reliable cellular service without the hefty provider fees. Additionally, it makes it possible to have office (or home) calls, automatically routed to a designated cell phone as needed.

Ringcentral.com. One of the first-ever providers of cloud based phone systems was RingCentral, and the growing company is still a leader in this technology. RingCentral offers easy set-up, phones that are pre-configured to work with the system, call routing, voicemail, call recording, low monthly rates, and no contracts. From their website, you can view their product line and learn more about their services and fees.

As you can see, cloud based phone systems have a lot to offer. They can also drastically reduce our phone service costs. If you want the latest and greatest when it comes to phone service, then you should look into cloud based phone systems.

About the Author: Inge Kady used to work as an IT specialist for a major health system and encourages all businesses to look at emerging technology, especially when thinking of cutting costs. She is currently transitioning into hands-on patient care and is undergoing phlebotomy training at a school she found through http://www.associationphlebotomytraining.com/.

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