The Differences Between Facebook and Twitter


Facebook and Twitter Compared

If you are considering using both Facebook and Twitter, you need to understand the differences between the two. They are both social media sites that allow you to connect with other users, share links, share videos, and create relationships. However, they are both very different from each other and they will both provide you with a bit of a different type of social experience.

Facebook tends to be a bit more private as friends can see what your profile looks like and others cannot. Facebook will also allow you to choose the people you want to be your friends and deny those you don’t want to be friends of yours. It is not that Twitter won’t allow you to do this, but it is much different on Twitter.

With Twitter, you will be able to deny requests for people to follow you, but this is rare. Most of the people on Twitter use it for a different type of interaction than Facebook. Facebook is used more to connect with friends and family to share pictures, invite people to events, and keep up with what is going on with everybody. Twitter, on the other hand, is more for short posts about your day, what you are doing, or about something, you recommend.

Many people have Facebook and don’t have Twitter at all, however, if you are trying to make money online you should have both. This will give you more power to help bring people to your blog or website along with buildup trust with your followers and friends. The best part is with Facebook you can create a Fanpage for your business, whereas with Twitter you can simply create a new account under your business name.

Using Facebook and Twitter for Marketing

Facebook and Twitter

With Twitter, you can simply post things to your profile promoting your website, blog, or anything else you want. You can do this with Facebook as well, but it will not be nearly as productive. Twitter is a social media site that will allow you to gain thousands of followers to market to. Sure, you can get thousands of people to “like” your Fanpage on Facebook, but it is harder to do this than to get Twitter followers.

Both Facebook and Twitter will allow others to share your posts from your blog or website with their friends or followers. They can also “like” your posts on Facebook and retweet anything you put on your Twitter wall. This is how you get viral marketing to work for you and this is exactly how you get a large amount of traffic from using social media.

Twitter does not currently have an advertising program, but Facebook does. This means you can pay to put your ad on Facebook and have it targeted directly at the type of person that is most likely to buy your product or use your service. This can bring you a large amount of traffic for a very cheap price. If you do this correctly you can get all the traffic you need right from Facebook.

Facebook and Twitter are very powerful and if you are running a blog with the WordPress platform you will be able to post directly to both of them automatically. There are plugins to help you connect your blog with both Facebook and Twitter. This allows you to share every new post you create without having to do much more than check a box within the edit page for the post.

Should You Use Both Facebook and Twitter?

Whether you are selling a product, a service, or just trying to create your own community of people, you should certainly harness the power of both of these sites. Just the backlink you can get from both Facebook and Twitter can be very powerful. Imagine if you had 10,000 followers on Twitter that could automatically see your blog posts every single time you post them. This can become very powerful.

Just being able to put the buttons on your website or blog to allow others to share your work on Facebook and Twitter can be very powerful. If you are sharing it and others are sharing it, you will have more power within the social media sites. This can bring you a large amount of traffic and give you the leverage you need to build up trust with your customers and potential customers.

The money is in the list according to many internet marketing experts and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter allow you to create small communities in your niche. This allows you to do many things that you were not able to do before including getting visitors from newer corners of the internet. If you want to be successful, you need to consider using both Facebook and Twitter.

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