Personal Hosting Package – Is It Different?


Personal Hosting Package Compared to Business Hosting

When you are considering finding a good personal hosting package you need to realize what you are getting compared to a business hosting package. Your goals may be perfect for a personal hosting package, but they may also fit better with a different type of hosting package. It is up to you to make this decision, but you need to understand what each package will give you.

Most hosting companies will offer shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, reseller hosting, and cloud hosting. They don’t all offer all of these options, but these are the most common. You will most likely be looking at shared hosting if you are considering a personal hosting package. This is the most affordable hosting most companies offer.

They will offer three or four different shared hosting packages for you to choose from and the least expensive one is usually recommended for personal hosting. Sometimes it is actually called the personal hosting package, but in some cases it may just be called the basic or the baby package because it is the smallest.

Why You May Want to Use a Personal Hosting Package

If you are brand new to hosting and putting up a website using a personal hosting package may be the best way to get your feet wet. It is not all that expensive and you will be able to put up a website or a blog. Usually this is a very basic package that might include one free domain name, which is perfect for a beginner.

Another reason to use a personal hosting package is when you are testing something and you don’t want to put it on your regular hosting account. However, you will want to make sure you get a monthly plan in this case, so you can either move it or delete it when you are done with your testing. This is a bit rare, but you can use a personal hosting package for this reason.

When you choose a personal hosting package you will pay between $2.50 a month and $10 a month depending on the company, contract, and package. Most of the time you will only be able to host one domain name and you might get one to five email addresses with your account. This type of hosting will not come with a dedicated IP, which helps with security and search engine optimization.

Personal hosting packages are meant for one reason and that simply is to put up a personal website or blog. They are not meant for businesses, but if you are just getting started with web hosting and your own website this is a good way to start. Understand that you will want to upgrade if you are going to host more than one domain name.

You will also want to upgrade if you are a business and you get your website up and running smoothly. Once you start to see some traffic and you have a good idea of how everything works with your hosting company, you will want to at least upgrade to a better shared hosting package. This will give you more benefits, more security, and in most cases more speed for your website.

Finding the Right Personal Hosting Package

Those that are sure staring with a personal hosting package is right for them can find this type of package from many top hosting companies. You will not have to be all that concerned with support and service since this is not a money making venture. With a personal website or blog it is not as important to have a top host, but it does help.

Find the hosting company that offers the tools you need to put up your website fast and easy. This may include free templates for design, blogging platforms, promotional tools, and site builders. All of these tools can make it very easy for you to put up a website or a blog without having to learn how to write HTML code or any other type of code.

Just remember, if you plan to make money from your site or you plan to put up more than one website or blog, you might as well get the better hosting from the beginning. The price difference from a personal hosting package to a business package, with most hosting companies, is only a few dollars anyway. If you are planning to make money from your websites or blogs it is best if you just skip the personal hosting package and move up the ladder to start.

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