Why More People Use Facebook on Android than iPhone

Facebook on Android is Better than on iPhone

Facebook on Android came out after Facebook on the iPhone, but more people prefer Android over iPhone for Facebook. The Android mobile OS is becoming much more preferred over the iPhone and the iPad choices. This is helping to give other companies the ability to use the Android OS on their phones without having to worry about whether it is the best or not.

What is the reason more people prefer Facebook on Android over the iPhone? Well, it is hard to point to just one reason, but the AppData company has documented the rise of the use of Facebook on Android when it comes to daily users. There were over 55 million daily active users on the Android network in one week of the study and this was over one million more than what the iPhone saw.

This does not include any third-party applications made for either of these operating systems. The study only includes the official mobile apps for Facebook on Android and for Facebook on the iPhone. This means you can be sure you are getting the best use out of your phone if it includes the Android platform.

Why Facebook on Android is Popular?

Facebook on Android

Probably the easiest reason to see why Facebook on Android is so popular is the fact that it is a free download. You don’t have to worry about whether or not it is going to cost you money because it is free. Many people will use something for free much more than, if they have to pay for it, especially when it comes to Facebook on Android.

The one thing you really have to understand is there was a time when the iPhone was winning in this battle. Just a few months ago, Facebook on Android was not all that popular, nor was it used nearly as much. It used to be much closer to 50 million users daily instead of over 55 million. This bump in users has quite a bit to do with Christmas, but it also has to do with the growing popularity of a few of the top choices for phones that use Android.

Another thing we can see with the AppData study is that Facebook on Android is adding users by the millions instead of what Facebook on iPhone is doing. For the iPhone they are only adding about 300,000 users per day and they have even expanded their network to include Sprint. This is a bit surprising, but then again, it really is not.

The iPhone is very specific to the type of user it attracts and there are many that prefer the larger screens and features that come with phones using Android. This might be a good way to go if you are looking for a new phone, but the iPhone is still very popular. You can still get on Facebook with the iPhone and it is still very popular.

Facebook on Android is a Great Choice

With the Android platform you get to choose between many different phones unlike the iPhone. With the iPhone you only get a few choices and they are either the newest version or the older versions. They don’t have any other phones to choose from and you won’t be able to choose the options you want. Instead, you will be stuck with the newest or the older versions of this phone.

The good deal is you get some of the best updates whenever they come out with a new phone, but they come out with new phones all the time. This means you get updates all the time, but it also means they want you to buy a new phone about every 6 months. This is not the same as a phone with the Android network.

When you choose to go with one of the phones you can use the Android platform with you will have access to many of the same things as the iPhone, but you can choose whether you want a touch screen, a keyboard, a larger screen, or many other features you don’t get a choice with when you go with the iPhone. You also, get a phone that will perform better than the iPhones do. Many believe the Android choices are better than the iPhone and the technology is more advanced.

The bottom line is your choices are simple, iPhone, or Android. If you choose either one you can use Facebook through the official app, but more prefer to use Facebook for Android. This is simply because it works better, is easier to use, and the Android platform is preferred over the iPhone. So, if you want the best go with Facebook on Android.

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