A New Language Arrives with the Announcement of Google Dart


What is Google Dart and What does this Mean?

Google Dart is the new language that Google has announced it will be using. The early information was leaked a few months ago and the concerns in the IT world have to do with the fact that Google is trying to replace JavaScript with their Dart language. This is basically like replacing English if you are a programmer.

However, recently Google took a step back and the myth of JavaScript going to the waste side is going to remain just that, a myth. Google has nothing against JavaScript and most believe it is currently thriving and will continue to thrive even with Google Dart being introduced.

The major change we will see is a bit of an easier to use script that will keep up with the times. Considering JavaScript came out while Clinton was in his first term it is not the easiest to fix from within. The good news is Google will also be releasing a translator to help anybody that needs to convert Google Dart code to JavaScript and for the browsers and applications as well.

The Long Term Goals of Google Dart

The major goal Google has for the language is to make sure it is structured, but remains very flexible at the same time. They also want to make Dart very familiar and give it a very natural feel. It has already been compared to JavaScript and many programmers believe it will be very similar to JavaScript.

They are also trying to make the Dart language work with many different devices capable of browsing the internet. This is one of the major reasons for the language coming out in the first place and Google plans for a very quick and efficient launch of the Dart language.

One of the other major goals of Google Dart is to create a language that can be used across all browsers without any issues. This is the second part of making it compatible with many different devices and they want to make sure it is easier for programmers and users to access the information they are after with this code.

Along with the goals of Google Dart they are also trying to address some of the programming issues out there. They have stated that they are attempting to keep small programs from growing into larger ones that are not all that easy to back up and they also plan to address the conflict between dynamic and static languages.

Google also sees improvement for programmers by giving them an easier code to work with and making it more universal than what is currently being used. Instead of piecing together multiple codes it will be one code used for everything.

Should Google Dart Concern You or Not?

Programmers are not exactly raving about this new language and the IT world does have some worry when it comes to Google Dart. They are concerned with learning the new code and whether it will be worth learning or not. Another concern in the IT world is how Google developed this code because it was done in-house and that can be scary for the programming world.

What should be most concerning is the direction Google is taking. They are starting to take over more and more corners of the internet and they like to do everything their own way. This, in a sense, creates a bit of a monopoly and if there is anything to worry about with this language it is giving Google more power.

They have already put out their own browser, which many already prefer over Mozilla and they have also created their own Social website in efforts to rival Facebook. There are even rumors out there of Google purchasing Yahoo in the future, but those remain as rumors. However, Google Dart is no longer a rumor and it is coming regardless of how we feel about it.

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