Social Networking Competition is Rising


What to Expect With Social Networking Competition between FaceBook and Google+

By now we all know about Google+, but is this the social networking competition that will finally take over FaceBook? Google decided to jump in the game because Google thinks they belong in every corner of the internet. With the complaints about the privacy practices or lack thereof from FaceBook it is not a big surprise that Google+ is rising in popularity.

Even though many are not happy with the new interface presented by FaceBook without much of a warning it is also evident that Google is not really sure what they are doing with social networking yet. So, will Google be able to take over the huge market share that FaceBook owns? It is doubtful, but it is also important to understand what is going on with this new social networking competition.

The Truth Behind the Social Networking Competition

Many other sites have come along with plans to push FaceBook for their users and they have tried to give a better experience, but FaceBook is still the giant. The only reason Twitter is so popular is because of how different it is from Facebook. Google+ is geared towards those that love FaceBook, but hate the privacy issues they have had.

When users of FaceBook asked for an option to allow them to split their friends up into smaller groups they tried to give them this option, but it was very poorly designed. Google+ learned from this experience and was able to create what they call “circles” within a person’s friends and this allows the user to share a message or post with only the groups of friends they want to share it with.

Google+ is much like FaceBook, but what they are doing is taking the features that many don’t like from FaceBook and adjusting them for easier use. For example, you can clutter your FaceBook profile with all types of things you “like” and this can really make your profile look crazy. With Google+ it is more organized and clean.

Will Google+ Take Over The Social Networking Competition?

Chances are FaceBook will wake up and make the necessary adjustments to keep their reign as the top social networking site, but Google+ has the backing of a much larger company than any other choice out there. Google may just find a way to do what FaceBook did to MySpace when they expanded to the entire world instead of just allowing use by specific college campuses.

If any social site is going to take over FaceBook and push them around it will be Google+. At the very least they can cause enough trouble for FaceBook that we might just see the adjustments to the privacy and to the different out dated features of FaceBook we have been asking for. Currently it will just remain as social networking competition, but we may see a change at the top sometime in the future.

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