How Has The Internet Shaped Our Future?

I remember years ago how an old telephone and writing a letter and popping it in the mailbox was our form of communication.  Family overseas would communicate through old letter grams and businesses would fax each other information.

It’s so difficult to remember life before the internet because almost every home and business has a computer with internet connection these days; it’s just been accepted and become a way of life for everyone.

If you think about it our children from young ages could send emails and probably fix a computer a lot quicker than I ever could.  It’s just a sign that technology is constantly evolving and by taking full advantage of it, our lives become more convenient, simpler even.

The most amazing benefit of the internet that I have found personally is the ability to stay in contact with my folks overseas, through social media sites and face to face calling, it feels like they’re just around the corner. I can upload my latest photographs and they upload theirs, so I can see where they’ve been and what they’ve been up to and when I want a chat, it’s a simple log onto the computer and they’re sitting in front of me.

We Have Advanced So Much

Remembering when I was at school, we never dreamed that this would be possible and the entire world would be connected in this way. I even remember learning to type on an ancient old typewriter where if you made a mistake you had to start again. To think how advanced we have become.

But it’s not just from a personal perspective, businesses have been able to develop and branch, most businesses now have satellite offices all over the world, enabling them to trade globally and improve their sales revenue.

Being able to stay above customers’ expectations with cheap phone calls, quick email responses and confirming everything in writing, has made it so much easier for businesses to win support.  Through the many internet forums, businesses are able to develop good customer reviews, which also help them dramatically in the long run.

The ability to have everything and anything at our fingertips was never thought possible, to think I can log onto my laptop and play games, buy groceries, search for services or even just check the latest weather updates is simply amazing.

Faster Broadband and Constantly Improving

Broadband is being rolled out at faster rates and is constantly improving, so I can even catch up on televisions shows I’ve missed on the computer via the internet.  Our children will grow up thinking this is completely normal and how it’s always been done, but the rest of us know the excitement and opportunities the internet has offered us over the years.

The ability to stay in constant contact with friends and customers through email is amazing, when internet first came out we had to dial up and it would be added as a telephone call to our phone bills, so we only checked emails once or twice a day, now we can check our emails constantly, staying on top of any questions and ensuring customer service comes first for businesses.

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