Proving Once Again Why Internet Protection is Important

Internet Protection – Zappos Data Swiped by Hackers

Those that shop with Zappos may want to check and be sure they have the internet protection they deserve. Many recent reports have pointed to hackers swiping data from Zappos customers and using it for malicious reasons. Having your identity stolen is never a good thing and you want to be sure you are protected.

Many believe large companies never get hacked, but it is simply not true. Zappos is a division of Amazon and is once again proving why many companies don’t have the security to make sure you have the internet protection you need and deserve. Recently hackers cracked into the customer database and stole the information of over 24 million customers.

Luckily, the security at Zappos was strong enough to keep the thieves from getting any payment information or credit card numbers, but they still were able to get email address, shipping address, phone numbers, and the last four digits of your card number along with any passwords you had associated with the account.

Getting Better Internet Protection and Security

Internet Protection

Since you already know these companies are susceptible to being hacked, you should be careful to make sure you have the best internet protection possible. There are a few ways to make sure your information is not used in a harmful way or hacked into. With the hackers getting passwords and emails, you are in danger, but here is how you can make it harder for them to get the information they really want, your credit cards, and banking information.

Start by changing your password at Zappos and at any other account associated with it. You should always use different passwords for everything instead of the same one for all your different accounts. When you use the same password for everything, you make it much easier for hackers to get into your accounts and steal what they want.

Since many online retailers will not encrypt your email, password, shipping address, and other information they are not required to encrypt, you should always enter into private browsing when using these sites. This helps to protect you if a hacker is able to get into your computer and they will not be able to get into your accounts online if use private browsing more often.

Another thing you can do to help protect yourself is use a separate email address for all your shopping accounts instead of your business or personal email address. This will allow you to close that email account permanently and open a different one if you are hacked into. Every one of the Zappos customers that have seen their internet protection get hacked, should change all this information.

The one thing you really cannot do much about is the phone number and address they may get from you. However, these are not the pieces of information they are really after. You should not worry nearly as much about these as if they were to get an email that led them to banking information or credit card information.

Internet Protection is a Serious issue

Even though internet protection is a very serious issue, we have to be careful that we are not allowing the government or anybody else to take away our freedoms and the internet we currently know, just to protect information. They can find ways to do this without having to take away our freedoms and this is exactly why we should all oppose the SOPA and PIPA laws that are currently up for debate.

Make sure you find out more about these two bills and you take the time to contact your representative. These bills do not help with internet protection and will only take away the internet we currently have.

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