Smartphone Recommendations For IT Professionals In 2012

Being without a smartphone, people look at you as if you have a geranium growing out of your ear or something… it’s just not done.

This is particularly true if you work in IT, not just because doing this job practically forces you to be a new gadget geek, but such is the standard of smartphones now that it is hard to be as productive without one.

What’s the Best Smartphone for IT People?

Wow! Hold your horses! I’m not answering that one.

That requires many hours pawing at smartphone handsets in mobile phone shops with a note pad or dictaphone in tow, while slimy phone salesmen dive on every idle crumb of conversation you let slip. Plus, all the main smartphones are pretty awesome at the moment (apart from the Windows phone).

Blackberry is still great for email integration, IPhone looks cool when you slide it out at meetings, Android phones like the new HTC and Samsung ranges are powerful and the new Nokia is promising. That’s all I’m saying.

What about Accessories?

Thought you would never ask. If like me you find yourself constantly on the go, then you will find these accessories mighty useful.

  • Bluetooth Keyboard – You may have just got used to it by now, but the extent to which you can write emails is limited when using a smartphone. A Bluetooth keyboard lets you whip it out anywhere and let rip to slash the amount of time it takes to do it. You can even get rubber keyboards that roll up so you look extra special sitting typing on the train.
  • Bluetooth earpiece – You may look like a bit of a tool, but it makes working, driving, walking and other tasks much easier while on the phone.
  • HD Dock – These are really smart. You do your presentation, download it onto your smartphone, then when you get to the clients meeting room you connect the dock to their flat screen TV, and just sit your phone in the dock. It can even charge your phone so it doesn’t go flat before the end and hand round the biscuits. (One of these is not true.)

Any App Recommendations?

These amazing apps give you the opportunity to ditch your PC and your laptop and just arrive with your smartphone and your smile in order to solve many day-to-day IT issues.

  • Prompt – Remote Access to Servers (iPhone)
  • Ping A Majig – Check the status of your host names. (iPhone)
  • AndFTP – Access FTP Servers. (Android)
  • Fing – Ping monitoring. (Android)

Love your smartphone, love your job…love being an IT Professional!

Less about work…what’s your favorite smartphone game? (I like Super Stickman Golf on the Android!)


Grant Underload is an IT professional. He provides managed services and organises IT outsourcing from his tech bunker in Hartfordshire.


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