Tips from Search Engine Marketing Blogs

What to Understand about Search Engine Marketing Blogs

When you stumble upon the different search engine marketing blogs you have to be aware of a few things. Search engine marketing is a method of trying to get a website or blog ranked very high in the search engines by optimizing the onsite content and the offsite linking strategies properly. There is not just one way to go about it.

Many believe there are certain tricks and tactics you can use to shoot up the rankings faster than if you don’t use them. Some of these tricks and tactics are known as black hat methods. Black hat methods are those that push the ethical boundaries or even cross them. It is like cheating the system and it is for the lazy people that don’t want long term success.

Most of the search engine marketing blogs will not teach you the black hat methods, but then again some of the search engine marketing blogs are dedicated only to these methods. The problem is, the black hat methods only work until the search engines discover what is going on and update the way they rank websites and blogs.

Taking the Good from Search Engine Marketing Blogs

There are many good tips that come from search engine marketing blogs and you need to be able to recognize an SEM blog that will give you the best tips. The SEM blogs that are best, are the ones that talk about quality writing, quality linking, and natural ranking. If you want to be successful, online and you don’t want it to be short lived, then you better pay attention to these search engine marketing blogs.

Here are a few of the tips you may see on the best SEM Blogs:

1. Quality Content

Quality content is a very important thing because many people write garbage posts of 400 words or less that do nothing for the reader. These are the people that write to get listed high on Google, but it does absolutely no good if the content is not what the reader is looking for. It would be like advertising a new restaurant to vegetarians and serving only meat dishes.

2. Proper and Natural Backlinking

The search engine marketing blogs that tell you to build a large number of backlinks in a short period of time are not looking out for your best interest. If you want to be successful and rank well for the long term, your backlinking has to look natural. This means you cannot build thousands of links in a short period of time. Let the links be built over months upon months and always continue with a few links a day for best results.

3. On Site SEO

Another thing most of the good SEM blogs will talk about is your on site SEO. This is vitally important to your success and there are still some that believe a higher keyword density is necessary. This simply is not true and you will do much better for the long term of your project if you keep your keyword density between 1% and 3%. Anything higher will end up ranking well for a short period, then dropping fast in the rankings.

Using Search Engine Marketing Blogs Properly

The best way to use SEM blogs is as a reference guide. Find a few trusted blogs from members of an internet marketing forum, like the Warrior Forum, and follow what they do. If they are achieving high ranking in Google, Yahoo, and Bing with their own blog, then they are probably one of the better search engine marketing blogs out there.

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