Link Velocity – What happens if you Build Links too Fast


Is it Possible to Build Links Too Fast and What is Link Velocity?

Many internet marketers think that search engine optimization is all about building backlinks, but this is simply not correct. You want to, instead, build a natural link profile because it is possible to build links too fast. Link velocity is the rate at which you build new links to your website and this is very important. Google wants to see that your backlinking looks natural and if it does not look natural it will hurt your ranking.

What is the right link velocity for a new website?

We all know that new websites needs links and they need them very badly. The older the website is the better chance it already has some backlinks to it, but when site is brand new you have to build the links up. It is much harder than most believe to raise a “red flag” with Google. Too fast of a link velocity, for example, would be if you gained 1,000 links to your website in a matter of a few hours and they were all from blogger type of blogs. This could very well send up a “red flag” for Google. However, if you gain 1,000 links in the same amount of time and they are from all over the web, it may or may not send up a “red flag” as well with Google.

Backlinking is something you have to plan on doing for quite some time and if you do things correctly it will naturally happen for you. Those that tell you to use a specific software and blast your links all over the web are probably just trying to get you to purchase a product from them. It is always better to build your links at a slower link velocity and take your time. This will ensure that you do not build links too fast to your website and end up with that wonderful Google “sandbox” effect that has been discussed by many.

How do you build links at the proper link velocity?

There are many ways to build backlinks without building links too fast to your website. You can use article marketing, an SEO service, blog commenting, forum posts, and many other ways to build your links at a slower link velocity and gain ranking. If you write good content and post it on your website, then you may just get picked up by other blogs and other websites and gain backlinks to your website at a natural pace. This is the way it is actually supposed to work and the way it used to work before backlinking became a part of internet marketing.

So, in short, if you put out quality content and concentrate on only adding about 10 to 20 backlinks a day, then you will be able to avoid building links too fast. This will keep you at the proper pace that looks natural and over time you will gain exposure and ranking. Plus if others pick up your content and link back to your site, then you will gain backlinks at a very natural link velocity from this as well.

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