Mobile SEO: Make Sure You’re Not Missing Out

Is your website mobile-friendly yet? If it’s not, you could be missing out on great opportunities for attracting more customers. This is especially true if you are a small local business or a retail business.

Are You Equipped for Mobile Visitors?

More people than ever use their smartphone to browse the internet. Many are using it to help them make purchasing choices while they are out and about. People use their phones from school, from work, in the car (tsk tsk), on the bus, the train, standing in line at the bank, and so on. If your business website doesn’t have a mobile version, it could be very difficult for you to convert mobile visitor into customers. In essence, you’re going to be missing out on great opportunities.

How They Find You

Mobile potential customers could find you via a number of different ways. Those ways could include: social media sites, review directories, and via search engine searches. If they land somewhere that links to you and are not able to sufficiently see your offering, they could quickly back away from your site. If you’ve ever tried to view a non-mobile website from a tiny smartphone screen you’ll know that it requires a lot of scrolling and attempts to make the screen larger. It doesn’t make it easy on visitors to find the info they’re looking for.

But if you have a mobile version of your site created, this makes it much easier for your visitors who are on an iPhone, Blackberry or other device to navigate the site, read the text, and to connect with you via their chosen method.

Mobile Traffic on the Rise

Mobile consumers are only expected to increase. They’ll connect with brands via Facebook, Twitter, through smartphone apps, and via other methods. The bottom line is that you need to factor these types of website visitors into your marketing plan so that you can ensure their experience on your site is optimized for conversion.

If your business is a restaurant or retail shop, you’ll soon start to see more business from those mobile website visitors than any other type of visitor. Many of them are making a decision right now about where to buy the next thing or where to have dinner tonight. As time goes on, serving mobile visitors could contribute to the lion’s share of your success.

Take a look at your website traffic statistics as soon as you get a chance. You’ll see that if you measure several months in a row that the trend points to an increasing number of mobile visitors. Find ways to appeal to them and you will be evolving and positioning your company or increased growth.


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