Change your SEO Strategy as Internet Goes Mobile

It has been predicted that in the near future, mobile Internet usage will increasingly surpass personal computer Internet usage.  This means that Search Engine Optimization experts will need to revamp their marketing strategies. This makes perfect sense because if more people are using mobile technology, it means that keyword strings will need to become shorter. When mobile users do Internet searches, they tend to type frugally when they are not using a computer keyboard. Programs such as Google Suggest and Predictive text will in the future significantly affect keywords as mobile users typically opt for easier-suggested words, and they frequently misspell search terms.

Google Goggles


Searching with images using Google Goggles allows users Internet surfers to search the web with photos. If you find a product that appeals to you in a store and want to compare prices for cost-efficiency, you can take a photo of it on your mobile device and run the search via Google Goggles.  Pictures of your services or products will need to be optimized for these types of searches that will undoubtedly, rise in popularity.

Mobile phone users and socialization


The majority of mobile phone users are social.  It has been stated that ninety percent of mobile Internet access is used primarily to socialize.  Desktop users make up seventy-eight percent of socializes on the Internet.  Internet searches are turning social, and if Search Engine Optimization strategists do not keep this in mind, they will fall short in their marketing efforts.  Performing skilled SEO strategies always entails constant updating. Throw into the union targeting mobile users with smaller keyword strands and catering to this crowd, will prove challenging yet rewarding.

Mobile users are active

Mobile users are on-the-go and active with targeting capabilities for locating local business listings. You want to be as active as these mobile users with your marketing strategies. SEO strategists should ensure  that their Google Places page is highly-optimized along with other popular search features.

Impatience and mobile phone usage go together

Mobile searches prove high in conversion searches. Information from the Travel industry proves that seventy percent of hotel reservations were made on same-day check-ins. When one thinks about it, if you are searching for something to purchase via your mobile phone, this means that you are more than likely searching for something in the immediate sense. This proves obvious because if you were not in a hurry, you would have waited to be seated in front of your personal computer.

Begin planning for a new Search Engine Optimization strategies

It is still too early for Search Engine Optimization strategists to panic, but it proves clear that they need to start their homework in revamping their marketing strategies to compliment mobile phone users.  Mobile phone usage is growing at an increasing rate, and if the technology is anything to go by, it will not be long before your opponents will be bypassing you with new, innovative and creative forms of marketing to this demographic.

The post is contributed by William Taylor. William is strategist and has authored many SEO books. Visit his site for internet and tv.

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