SEO Basics – 4 Necessary Tips for On Site SEO


What are the SEO Basics for Better Search Engine Ranking?

SEO basics are the basics of search engine optimization, which is used to help get your website or blog listed higher in the search results on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines. This is very important if you are trying to make money online, gain new customers, or build a brand for your business or website.

There are many things that can be included in the SEO basics and it is important to understand the two types of SEO you need to use to get the high ranking you desire. Without both of them you will struggle to get to where you are trying to go and you will probably find your website lost in the lower rankings for the search terms you are targeting.

The first part of the SEO basics is setting up the content on your website or blog properly. This involves using the right coding, writing your content in the right way, and including a few other things like an image to help with your on site SEO efforts. Without good on site SEO the second type of SEO will not even matter.

The second part is to use the right off site SEO and this includes building backlinks to your homepage, other pages, and posts. A major component with backlinking is the anchor text of the link and it should contain the keyword phrase you are targeting. It is also important to gain a variety of backlinks to your site.

If you can combine these two parts of the SEO basics along with the 4 tips below you will have a good chance to gain high ranking on the search engines.

The 4 Necessary SEO Basics you Must Use

1. Quality

The content on your site needs to be quality. It has to be about the subject of your site and it cannot be written just for the search engines. Think about the visitor and the person reading the content on your site. If it does not appeal to them, then it does not matter how high you are listed in the search results.

Google rewards quality content that the reader can actually use. It will give you a higher ranking if your content is of high quality and is good for the reader. No longer can you just write around a keyword phrase and expect to be listed high on Google. You have to provide quality for your visitors along with targeting a keyword phrase.

2. Use the Keyword Phrase Properly

You have to use the keyword phrase you are targeting in a natural way or it will not matter much what you do. It has to read well and it is best if you use it in the first and last paragraph along with any headings you can. If you can make it bold once in the content and also put it in italics once this can also help.

3. Keyword Density

Many people don’t understand the density of their keyword phrase and this can make a huge difference for your on site SEO. You need to keep your density around 2% at the very max and it is better to be around 1 to 1.5% with most keyword phrases. The density is figured out by taking the total number of words you have and multiplying it by the percentage you are after. Then, divide that number by the amount of words in your keyword phrase.

4. Add a Relevant Image

If you want to boost your on site SEO you can add an image to your page or post that is relevant to the content there. Within the code for the image you want to include your keyword phrase as the ALT tag. This is easy to do and will help give you a bit more relevance for the phrase you are targeting.

How to Make sure You Cover all the SEO Basics

There is a very easy way to make sure you cover all the SEO basics with your website or blog. If you are using the WordPress platform you can choose from one of the many SEO plugins to help track whether or not you are doing the right things. Those using another platform can do the same thing with similar tools.

These SEO tools will check off what you have done and what you have not done so you will know exactly what you can do to boost your scores. They are very helpful in keeping your website or blog consistent from one page or post to another. If you use one of these along with the SEO basics above you will have a better chance of ranking higher.

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