Top 3 SEO Tips for Bing


Why Use SEO Tips for Bing?

With SEO tips for Bing you actually have some power in your hands that most webmasters and bloggers forget about. Everybody spends so much time trying to get listed high on Google, but if you are listed high on Bing you can gain quite a bit of traffic. Plus this is an up and coming search engine backed by Microsoft making it a heavy hitter in the search engine industry.

Did you know that nearly 30% of the search traffic comes from a source other than Google? This means if you are optimizing your website or blog only for Google you are missing out on 30% of the traffic out there. Google may be the biggest and might attract the most traffic, but it also attracts the most competition.

3 of the Best SEO Tips for Bing

1. Linking

Yes Google also gives you some credit and places some value on having relevant links to your site from others, but Bing actually scores this much higher. You don’t want to overdo it, but if you keep plenty of high quality links coming to your site you will be able to rank better in both search engines.

2. More Text

Bing tends to favor pages with a large amount of text compared to Google. You will want at least 300 words on your page and it needs to be original text. Make sure it is relevant to the topic of your website or blog and don’t stuff the keyword in there more than twice per 300 words.

3. Site Structure

Bing likes to see websites and blogs that are what they call “crawlable”. This means that it is easy to navigate the site and you can use the robot.txt file to help Bing out a bit. A sitemap is necessary and you want to make sure the user is able to find what they need because if they can so can Bing.

4. Text Based

The more information you have for Bing in the form of text the better. You can still put video and other multi-media on your side, but Bing will not give you much credit for this. They like to see text and if you want your information found by Bing you will want to use more text than multi-media.

5. Page Titles

Even though many other search engines have decided the title of your page is not all that important Bing considers it to be very important. Make sure the most relevant keyword is in your tile, but don’t overdo it. More than 65 characters is too much for Bing.

Will Using SEO Tips for Bing Give you an Advantage?

Considering most of your competition is not really trying to get listed on Bing you get a huge advantage by setting up your site to be optimized for them. Nearly all of the websites and blogs that end up highly ranked by Bing do so by accident because they are trying to get listed on Google. If you want to take over their traffic, just set up your site for Bing instead of Google.

Also, understand that many searchers are starting to trust Bing more because of the relevant results they return. We have all searched with Google and could not find what we were looking for, but many are reporting the opposite with Bing. Use these SEO tips for Bing and you may just find more traffic than you could ever get from Google.

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