Dancing Your Way to a Successful SEO Campaign

Whether it’s your office Christmas party or the wedding of the year, one thing is for sure, you will be on the dance floor showing off those dance moves that you have been saving up for a special occasion.

You will have undoubtedly been saving these moves for such an occasion after mastering them over years of practice and thorough research. Read on to discover how these dance moves relate to having a successful SEO campaign, and how some may leave you flat on the floor with no success at all.

The Worm

Originating from break dancing, the worm is a move that will really wow guests and give you an opportunity to truly show off how good of a dancer you are. To do this move there are a few simple steps to follow:

•    Begin by lying face down as if you are about to do a push-up
•    Lift your legs up in the air
•    Before they hit the ground lift your upper torso; creating a movement that looks like a wave

This dance is much easier to master if accompanied by a video but your main aim is create a smooth, fluid movement from start to finish.
Search engines put a strong focus on fresh content however when creating this content you need to ensure that it flows smoothly too.

Fluidity is also important when creating the design of your website as if your customer can’t navigate around the site, they will bounce straight off and head to one of your competitors.

Copy Someone Else

Inevitably when you’re on the dance floor, there may be times when you find yourself breaking out into the same moves as the person next to you. Although not directly copying someone else, it may be that they are a better dancer and by imitating them you will get more authority on the floor.

Link building is part of an SEO campaign that can help you gain more authority. However it’s important to remember that quality over quantity is key here. Try asking for them from your suppliers; this will show search engines that you are a trusted and reputable business, further helping your campaign.

The Mum Dance

Although embarrassing, it’s inevitable that at some point we will all crack out this move, especially the ladies amongst us. This move requires near to no skill at all and is one favored by many women across the country. Start by forming a large circle with your group of friends before putting your handbags in the middle and shuffling, sorry dancing, around them. You can also try spicing up the routine by throwing in other moves like the robot or the running man; but don’t overdo it!

There are various elements that go into creating a successful SEO campaign such as content, social media and keyword selection. You need to keep your campaign fresh by adding a selection of different elements to it every now and then; for example, why not think about guest blogging? Just like doing the mum dance, you have to be careful not to let your campaign become dull and dreary.

So, no matter what occasion you are cracking out your best dance moves for, just remember that you need to practice and research to make sure you get it just right; in the same way that you would use applications such as Wordtracker or Google Adwords keyword tool to help you research the best keywords to optimise your site for.

Happy Dancing!

This article was written by Sally Powell a content writer for a leading SEO organisation. Specialising in Search Engine Optimisation, the company also offers many internet marketing services which include guest blogging, social media and web design services.

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