How to Create a Social Media Marketing Campaign


How to Create a Social Media Marketing Campaign – 5 Simple Steps

How to create a social media marketing campaign is the questions many businesses new to social media is asking today.  Even the best of products will not generate sales for the business if it is not marketed for all to see.

Added to that, the traditional marketing of yesterday is no longer the trend and best choice for exposure of your business products today. Social media marketing has become the standard in marketing today by even the largest of corporations, and for those businesses that have not yet made the transition, the time is now or they will be left behind by their competition.

In the traditional way of marketing, companies would advertise for their services and products to be seen by millions of people, who not would give you the time of day.

Now there has been a big shift in approach and the business is utilizing social media marketing to find the targeted crowd that is already engaged in the conversation about the very products and services you market, and you simply get in on the conversation.

Steps on Creating a Campaign

  • Know Your Audience – The first step is studying every aspect of your targeted audience so that you will know their habits well and also where they hang out.  You will then plan to meet them at the places they are found online.
  • Which social media sites do they frequent? There would be no point to planning a FaceBook fan page to communicate with them, if they do not use FaceBook.  This step is vitally important and must be taken before you can properly plan a marketing campaign.
  • Set Business Goals – The next step would be to get clear on your business goals for using social media. Your business may be solely concerned with providing a greater visibility for its products, or it may be seeking to actually market and increase the bottom line. Decide on one goal and let that drive your marketing efforts.
  • Follow Your Target Market – Register accounts on the social media sites your target market frequents.  Listen to their conversations and contribute and respond to their problems and concerns. Give valuable and useful information you believe will be able to help them. Aim at developing their trust and confidence in you.
  • Deliver Clear Business Message – By providing a clear but succinct message within the 120 words allowed in Twitter tweets, and the 420 characters allowed in the FaceBook updates, will tell your audience the details of your product and how you plan to assist them.
  • Follow Your Audience – Should the target audience you joined leave to participate in another social media community, you should be prepared to take up root and join them in their new location. Be on the lookout for changes in your audience’ behaviors and movements and learn what you can from any new platform they frequent.

These are 5 tips for developing a social media campaign for your business.  Social media marketing is a far cry from the marketing of prior days. People come to these sites to connect with people and not to be marketed to. Your approach should therefore be adjusted accordingly, and by joining the conversations and giving value, you should be able to meet your goals.

How to create a social media marketing campaign must be understood by marketers today in order for them to compete with other business that are  moving away from the traditional methods of marketing and moving towards marketing in the social media sites. This is not a mere trend in our fast paced digital world, but a must for any business to reach its targeted market.

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