The Ten Commandments of SEO Content Writing

SEO Content WritingWebsite and blog owners are always looking for new ways to generate more traffic. One of the best and most sustainable ways to create more traffic to your website or blog is with SEO content writing. By adding the right type of content and following some specific SEO (search engine optimization) guidelines, you can land on the first page of Google, Yahoo and Bing for a number of different keyword phrases.

It all starts with your content, but this isn’t the only element you need for successful SEO. However, without great content, you can do all the backlinking and social sharing you want without seeing the results you desire. Here are the guidelines you must follow with your content writing.

Commandment #1 – Don’t Overuse Keyword Phrases

Ten years ago, you could write a simple 300-word page with your keyword phrase used three to five times to get to the top of the rankings. If you do this now, Google will actually penalize you for using your keyword phrase too much. If it doesn’t fit into the content naturally, don’t use it!

Commandment #2 – Write with a Theme

Your theme shouldn’t be one main keyword phrase. It should include a main keyword phrase and three to five LSI or secondary keyword phrases. With any good SEO content writing strategy, you will write around an actual theme, such as “how to do something”, “seven tips for using the purple widget” or another theme, instead of just writing with a main keyword in mind.

Commandment #3 – Use Images Often

A picture is worth 1,000 words, which makes images incredibly powerful with blogs and websites. Whenever an image fits, use it. Whether it’s one image per post or you use five images, if they fit with the content use them. People love images and by providing both pictures and words, you’re providing a better visitor experience.

Commandment #4 – Create an SEO Title

SEO content writing involves creating a great title. Your title cannot just be the main keyword phrase, unless it makes perfect sense. However, if you can use the main keyword phrase in the title, you should. This will increase your on-page SEO tremendously.

Commandment #5 – Write at least 500 Words

The more content you write, the better, but always try to write at least 500 words. Just be sure you don’t write more than necessary. You want to fulfill the promises made in the title and stop. Most titles will allow you to easily write 500 words.

Commandment #6 – Use Multiple Sub-Headings

Sub-headings help split up your content and make it easier to support the overall theme of the content. Using two or more sub headings will make your content easier to skim, which most readers online will do before they stop and actually read your content.

Commandment #7 – Utilize Bullet Points and Lists

If you want to really give your readers easy content to skim and you want to improve your overall SEO, use bullet points and lists as often as possible. These are great when pointing out benefits, features or anything else that fits with this style.

Commandment #8 – Using your Main Keyword Phrase

The main keyword phrase of your content needs to be used whenever it fits naturally, without going overboard. Aim to use it in the title, first paragraph, last paragraph and one to three times throughout the content, depending on the length. If your content is only 500 words, only use your main keyword one extra time; if it’s closer to 1,000 words use it three more times. However, if it doesn’t fit naturally, don’t try to shove it in.

Commandment #9 – Using your Secondary Keyword Phrases

With three to five secondary keyword phrases, it might seem a bit overwhelming. However, you only need to use each one time throughout the content, where it fits naturally. It’s helpful if you can get them into the sub-headings, but not necessary if they don’t fit.

Commandment #10 – Always Add Value

The main key to great SEO content writing is adding value to your blog or website. Some content is very easy to write for value, such as pages for products, services and other things you offer. Other types of content are not so easy for adding value. Current events, how-to, tips, step-by-step plans and posts that give the reader what they’re searching for add value.

Make sure you’re following as many of the ten commandments for SEO content writing as possible. This will allow you to gain higher ranking and drive more traffic to your website.

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