Benefiting from the Google Adwords Promotional Code

How to Get the Adwords Promotional Code with Hosting

Using the Adwords promotional code can give you everything you need to help you get started with your marketing. So, how do you find this Adwords promotional code and take advantage of it? Well, you need hosting and a domain name anyway, so why not get a code for $75 free to use with Google Adwords in the process?

If you get your hosting from HostMonster, then you will automatically get an Adwords promotional code to help you start your marketing. This will give you the ability to do more and it is very easy to get this code. HostMonster hosting is one of best choices out there, for your hosting and they give you more than just hosting with the marketing credits you get.

Marketing is vital to your business, but it does not even matter if you are not hosting your website with a top hosting company. Getting both of these things taken care of with one shot is a great way to go. Sure, $75 will not last forever, but it will get you started and you can do quite a bit with this free money.

Starting with the Adwords Promotional Code

If you use this promotional code properly and you find the right hosting for your website, which is very easy with the advice above, then you can test a few keyword phrases and find some winners right from the starts. Some people spend months and hundreds of dollars trying to find good keyword phrases to bid on, but with free money to start, you have the chance to skip all of that and find the winners now.

The key is to not try to test too many keywords with this free money and have patience. If you load up hundreds of keywords hoping to find a few winners, you may spend the entire $75 on a couple of keyword phrases that simply don’t work for you. Find 10 to 20 specific keyword phrases, budget properly, and test them until you have enough traffic to figure out whether or not they are winners.

The specific keyword phrases will produce more targeted traffic. For example, if you were to bid on the keyword “weight loss” you would need to bid a very high amount to get any traffic and you will get a ton of traffic, but it probably will not convert well enough to help you make a profit. However, if you bid on a keyword phrase like, “Lose 10 pounds before your wedding” and your website fits with this keyword phrase, then you will get more specific traffic.

This specific traffic will be much more targeted to your offer and will allow you to see a higher conversion rate. It is necessary to get targeted traffic and use keyword phrases you can bid a lower amount on. If you do this correctly, you can build a large subscriber list, make more sales, and build a business that will give you the ability to make money for the long term.

The Google Adwords Promotional Code and Marketing for Results

Using the strategy above and only testing 10 to 20 keyword phrases at a time can help you find a few winners without spending too much money. Set your daily budget very low and wait until you see at least 50 clicks from a specific keyword phrase to judge whether you are getting good traffic and whether it is worth the amount you are spending.

If you get 50 clicks and it costs you $10 for those clicks and they produce at least $20 in profits for you ($30 sale), then you have a winner to put more money into. Also, take into consideration any subscribers this traffic creates because this could create sales later on. It all starts with the Adwords promotional code and you can get yours with your hosting from HostMonster hosting.

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