Using Cool Viral Marketing Ideas for a Flood of Website Traffic

The concept of viral marketing is not new. It is akin to the concept of ‘creating a buzz’, ‘word of mouth’, and ‘talk of the town’.  For those of you who are not aware, cool viral marketing ideas are used by marketers to promote their goods and services, but the way it is done is with the help of others who are spreading the word of the business products.

They are passing information to their friends and family, to co-workers and even to people who are following them on their email lists or on the social media platforms they frequent.

When viral marketing is done effectively and successfully, word of the business’ products will spread like a wildfire and the best aspect of it is, not only is if done almost free of charge, but the promotion is brought about by personal references. In fact, once it starts, there is almost no way to stop the spread of the business messages.

What follows gives a few good examples of some cool viral marketing ideas that can be used to grow your business.

  • Branded eBooks– Acquire the rights to a viral e-book. The e-book should be on issues related to the subject matter of your business website.  Ensure that you have the branded rights to this book and ensure that your affiliate links or links to your websites are already included in the book.
  • Provide this e-book to others for free and encourage them to give the e-book away to their list of followers. In this way, the e-book will be distributed all over the World Wide Web.
  • When your book is read, people will click on the links and they will be taken to your website. You will receive a massive surge of traffic to your site and that will in turn affect your bottom line positively.
  • Create You Own E-book – Invite people to place ads in the e-book and let them know that you will, in exchange, require that they distribute the e-book to their followers, the subscribers to their e-zines and to the visitors to their websites.  They will see the benefit of this viral tool with their own ads in it and will be willing to oblige.
  • Article Marketing – Using topics related to the products and services of the business create articles that provide great value and are useful to your targeted audience.
  • Give permission for the reprint of these articles on the reader’s websites, in their newsletters, their e-books and their magazines. The articles should contain a link to your business website in the author’s resource box.
  • Create Web Templates – If you can create graphics and website templates, create an attractive variety of them and upload to your web server. Set up a download site from which the website templates, fonts, and graphics can be downloaded by anyone free of charge.
  • You can request the people link directly from their websites to your download page or you may place an ad on the created documents, together with a copyright notice, that will link back to your business website. You must also request that the copyright notice be left in place after the downloads are completed.
  • Create a Forum or Bulletin Board – Yet another cool viral marketing idea would be to create a forum or a bulletin board and add your banner that advertises your website at the top. This forum or bulletin board can be utilized by people who would like to provide the same to their readers but do not have the ability to create one.

The preceding cool viral marketing ideas can be easily utilized to generate a tremendous amount of traffic to your business website and to increase its visibility also.

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