The Best 2 Options for Commercial Web Hosting


Why You Need to Have the Best Commercial Web Hosting

Commercial web hosting is a different type of hosting than personal web hosting or blog hosting is. When you are only looking to host a small website or a blog you do not need the best hosting you can find. However, when you are trying to put up a high traffic site or blog for your company you cannot afford to get the cheapest website hosting.

There are many reasons why you need to have the best commercial web hosting for your project and the major reason is that you cannot afford to be without the benefits of commercial web hosting. This type of hosting will give you more speed, more space, and more security, which means quite a bit if you cannot afford to lose your information or your potential customers.

You only have a few seconds to grab the attention of your visitors and if you have the commercial web hosting with the most speed you can get their attention and keep it. Your competitors are going to have the best possible hosting and you need to have the best hosting as well. This will allow you to make more money and get more visitors online.

Many internet marketers do not need commercial web hosting because they are not to the point where they are getting enough traffic. However, many internet marketers and small business owners are going to need the best possible hosting and cannot afford to go with the cheapest website hosting option at all.

The Top 2 Options for Commercial Web Hosting

1. Best Colocation Hosting

The best colocation hosting is also known as dedicated hosting and it is the best choice for commercial web hosting. This is the type of hosting that will give you all the benefits of a server and you will not have to worry about whether someone else is shutting down your server or not. When you get this hosting option you can take advantage of all the resources of a web server.

This type of hosting comes in two forms: you can rent a server or buy a server. If you decide to use the best colocation hosting you are probably going to buy your own server and pay for it to be housed in a facility that is proper for servers. If you cannot afford to pay for a server up front you can rent one for a while from a hosting company while you are saving up for your own.

You do want to make sure the company you house your servers with has plenty of space so that you can expand as you need to. You may need a second server down the road and this means you will need space to house it as well. Make sure they are a larger hosting facility with plenty of rack space for you to use in the future.

2. VPS Website Hosting

Another option that is considered to be commercial web hosting is VPS hosting. This stands for Virtual Private Server and it is a less expensive option compared to the best colocation hosting. This type of hosting comes in many different sizes and it going to give you many of the same benefits of a dedicated server.

You will have more security than the most basic hosting options and you will also get more speed as well. This type of hosting can work very well for a company that cannot afford the best colocation hosting. However, if you start with VPS web hosting you may find that you outgrow it at some point and will have to upgrade to the dedicated hosting option.

Two Non-Commercial Web Hosting Options to Avoid

Many new internet marketers and company owners will find two specific types of hosting and will decide that they are good enough, when they really are not. These are not commercial web hosting, but they can be confused for good hosting because of the name and because of the price. Many people get caught up on the price and this is a bad idea.

The first non-commercial web hosting that you have to avoid is the Google website hosting. This is a free hosting option and that is why many will decide that Google web hosting is good enough for them. You will not get the space you need and you will not be able to use a domain name of your own with the Google web host.

The second of the non-commercial web hosting options that you have to avoid is the cheapest website hosting. This is going to be the shared hosting option and it is great for beginners and bloggers, but not for companies or those that want to make a name for themselves online. If you are trying to make money online at all you cannot choose the cheapest website hosting and expect much.

The final golden nugget you have to remember is that research is going to lead you to the right hosting for you. This is a necessary thing to do and many of the reviews out there can help you find the best colocation hosting or the best VPS hosting for your websites and blogs. This is the only way to go and when you choose the right commercial web hosting for your company you will be on the path towards success.

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